Talking about "One Stone Two Birds" of Art Design and Marketing

With the acceleration of world economic integration, China’s socialist market economy system is increasingly perfect. In today's China, if economic strength stands in the forest of the nations of the world, the study of marketing must quickly advance in the forefront of world research. At the same time, we must also realize that the design level of a country is now a measure of the economic development level of a country. One of the criteria of the situation. The study of Chinese design of art design should be the theme of the times that the design research educators care about. We clearly see that art design has deeply affected all aspects of the national economy. Compare some aspects of art design and marketing: Art design has become an important means of marketing any tangible product and intangible product, and it has become a symbol of national and public image. Study the interactive relationship between consumers and production marketers under market changes, and use “the most economical art design products” to win maximum profits for production and marketing companies and increase market share of products, which is recognized by consumer groups and The "beauty" that manufacturers can satisfy to win consumers' hearts is a great pursuit of any production and marketing company. Early on, marketing learned that art design had its own theoretical impact on the perfection of its theory has been sporadic. However, sadly, the study of the economy of art design science in China's entire design community is lagging behind, and it has always been “design and art”, thus blurring the concept of design to a certain extent. The author believes that the development of art design should rationally absorb some of the points of view of marketing, not to fully absorb. In the process of the economics of art design, the two disciplines were combined to study and develop into the emerging edge disciplines of “art design and marketing”. There are various theoretical directions in this research of marginal disciplines. For the art design researcher and researcher, it should be biased towards the positive development of the economics aspect of the art design in marketing. I have searched a large number of books at home and abroad. I hardly see works or textbooks for arts and economics for our research. I don't have a theoretical book combining art design and marketing, but I can only In the books and magazines, relevant fragments are discussed and the research work is long way to go.

1. Complementarity between Art Design and Marketing

First of all, art design is part of the new development of art, but art design is not necessarily art. Art is the materialization of the artist's aesthetic ideal. It can be the individual expression of the individual aesthetic taste of the artist. Art design is not the end of the art itself. Economicality is the meaning of the first expression. From a philosophical point of view, artists can be self-centered and can create their own ideal world without having to consider other things in the objective world or other people's interests. The art design must be based on materialistic philosophy to analyze the objective world and serve the real world. In the field of art, artists such as Van Gogh who are not respected during their lifetime are expected to exist, but for the design community, Van Gogh’s artistic designers are absolutely not welcome. In the economy, art and design are no longer the children of an aristocratic family of art. It is already an industrially prolific producer. A packet of "Nanjing" cigarettes produced by the Nanjing Cigarette Factory, you make the cigarette box into a tube or make other strange appearances. We can only call this art and art. Only the cigarette box is square, this can be called design. Now that the author of cigarette packs has seen the square shape, he has never seen any other samples. Only square cigarettes can be easily transported and sold, and they are comfortably placed in their pockets. From the 19th to the 20th century, capitalism developed in full swing. The main commodities were large-scale cross-regional and multinational sales, and artistic design was gradually applied to product promotion and promotion. In the 21st century, the capitalist market economy system has gradually improved. Marketing was also first born in the United States, a world economic power, and then spread to the countries of Western Europe and Japan. It has played an important guiding role in promoting the economic development of the Western capitalist countries, invigorating the world economy, and driving the rapid growth of the global economy. The earliest theoretical study of art design can be traced back to the German Bauhaus School of Design in 1919. However, after the capitalist world's Great Depression and the effects of the Second World War, the systematic study of art design has stagnated. After the victory of the anti-fascist war, the countries of the world held high the banner of "peace and development". The study of art and design studies gained new life. Art and design studies based on arts were gradually integrated with literature, ethics, economics, and advertising. Many new disciplines such as science, ergonomics and other new research results have become a cross-century discipline. After World War II, Japan has always used design as one of the important means to promote economic development. In fact, the current Japanese design has become an important role in supporting the national economy. The famous German design magazine "Forms" commented that "Japan's economic power = design power", Japan's design research is in a leading position in the world. However, due to historical reasons, the study of art design in our country is not more than ten years old, and it is naive and rigid. What makes me sad, in particular, is that at the end of the 1990s, graduates majoring in design still measured the level of their design in terms of their own sketch color levels. This shows that the art design education is sad. In this case, we should consider how to strengthen research and teaching in art design and economics. This is our historical mission of thinking and research in the new century. Otherwise, Chinese art design may soon be finished.

Marketers believe that marketing is centered on consumers, and the standpoint of art design is to serve people and satisfy people's two major needs. In order to study people, the historical materialist Luna tied them together. In fact, art design has become an important means for modern society to promote the sale of goods, and has become an important carrier for market marketing and storing souls. However, art design and marketing each have their own disadvantages of this layer, and often quarrel because of things: art design likes “art”, but marketing does not have “economy”. It is true that we have always called for design to be innovative and national in nature. In fact, we are unduely pursuing the artistic and technical aspects of design. We allege that it is for people but we forget people’s purchasing power. Many people will only applaud some so-called design, but who will buy it? In the opinion of the writer, this is visual waste, which is waste product; marketing, in order to maximize profit and profitability, often forgets people's spiritual satisfaction in practice, resulting in poor quality and poor design. How to complement their advantages? Only art design and marketing studies work together, carry out criticism and self-criticism, and form the edge disciplines of art design and marketing. Her appearance can avoid the one-sided pursuit of non-economic factors in art design to the greatest extent, prevent marketing from greedily pursuing the development of malignant desires that minimize the cost-minimizing profit, and contribute to the artistic design task and the rational practice of marketing work. To promote the healthy development of art design and marketing, one stone and two birds.

(to be continued)

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