Take It To The Limit: Tiffany Levine Stretching

Tiffany Levine stretches for success
By Eric Perlman

Tiffany Levine is a top rock climbing contestant in the United States. When she was a beginner who had only eight months of climbing experience, she won the Phoenix Bouldering Tournament. She was ranked sixth in the ASCF at the end of 1993 and was empty for a year. In 1995, she finished third in the Snowbird/Wolcott Invitational.
In climbing, Levine had redpoints of 5.13, and onsighted a few 5.12c routes. Before she even started climbing, she was an NCAA gymnast and she is currently teaching short-term private lessons in Nevada. Renault's indoor climbing field design route.

Your rock climbing technology is making rapid progress in a short period of time. What's wrong?

Before I entered this field, I was a well-trained sports player. I spent a few years developing physical strength, flexibility, and keeping my body alive. I only needed to learn rock climbing and I always planned and completed. Do stretching and warm-up exercises, so I progress quickly and will not slow down because of injury or muscle stiffness.

How did you reach your softness?

Stretching means to pull the whole body up and increase the range of activity. No matter what method you use to pull your body out, it's always uncomfortable. Stretching is a little bit like rock climbing. At first it is painful and tired, but the more you practice, the more you The more you get.

All the stretching exercises manuals say that you don't get hurt.

In order to be free from responsibility, they certainly said that; if the Eskimos had fifty different "Snow" words, we would have a thousand different "painful" words. You should try to understand the different sensations in the stretching process. One is the slight resistance you would have if you started stretching (if your muscles were often stiff), and the other was to warn you that you were about to strain.

So, if you don't want to hurt, don't do stretching exercises?

If you don't want to feel pain, don't be born. The pain caused by this stretching is actually quite mild. It's nothing more than a muscle strain caused by your toughness. Look at the child's softness. We can, like them, stress and accumulated damage take away the natural softness, and stretching can be brought back.

How does stretching help you?

Cats that act like light are better than clunky elephants. Rock climbing basically stretches your joints, tendons, and squatting belts. Difficult movements that overcome difficulties will compress your muscles. Stretching allows you to move faster and climb higher without being injured, because it can reduce the pressure on the muscles and increase the speed of recovery, allowing you to challenge harder routes and make it faster. strong.

Is there any weakness in softness?

You need to be careful, stretching the course from the beginning to the end of progress for several months. If it is too dry, it may make the relationship too loose and not enough strength. The outcome may be dislocation.

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