What does digital proofing accomplish?

Digital proofing is not the use of inks, and most of them are not printed on real official printing paper. In addition, there are only two digital proofing devices that can produce real dots. When various test methods and devices for proofing are used to test test specimens with complex color regions, it is normal to find that the proofs exhibit hue deviations. Most of the proofs are covered with plastic film, so matte papers (such as newsprint) can hardly be readjusted to whiteness when they are officially printed, nor can they be well simulated.
The task of proofing is to simulate formal printing, but after all, the proofing conditions are different from the actual printing conditions. Therefore, the actual printed matter should be allowed to deviate slightly from the proofs. Unfortunately, many customers are unaware of this, so problems always arise.
When does digital proofing become a true proof? What is true proofing? Can I Simulate Printing Products on Any Color Printer Without Color Management?
No one has explained this yet. The Epson 5000 inkjet printer (approximately 5,000 marks) has achieved great success in the proofing field. If cheap equipment can produce the desired result, why buy expensive equipment? Is proofing by Epson 5000 a true proof or a good color print?
It should be said that the color proof bar can only be called proofing if it is printed on the sample proof. However, this requirement has not been met so far. The reason is that the control bar is in other parts and it is not easy to control when it comes to proofing.
Proofing should include control strips. The control strips should at least show the density of the ground, the increase in hue values, and the color values ​​and paper whiteness of the color patches. A good control bar also displays color increments, which Rip to use, whether to use color management, whether to use ICC-Profile, and what data to use for proofing. Currently, Ugra and Fogra are working on this proofing control strip.

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