How to supervise the packaging of paper boxes for export goods?

Carry out a quality licensing system for the manufacturers of export goods packaging cartons. The production plant first undergoes a self-examination test, and considers that it meets the requirements of the regulations by submitting an application to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency, and checking the production plant with the relevant departments through the entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency, from production management, technology management, quality management, Five aspects of civilized production and product quality shall be assessed and graded, and quality licenses and uniform numbers shall be issued for compliance with the regulations. Fangzhan shall produce export packaging cartons.

The manufacturer shall organize the production in accordance with the requirements of the contract or standard, and strictly carry out the inspection. The unqualified cartons shall not be used for the packaging of goods for export. The qualified cartons must be issued with a certificate and the number on the cartons, stamped with the entry and exit inspection and quarantine agencies, and the factory serial numbers for inspection. The inspection results, varieties, specifications, quantity, amount, etc. shall be reported to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution on a monthly basis. Reports shall be made whenever there are major quality problems.

Units that use export packaging cartons shall establish and improve the inspection and acceptance system for packaging containers. When purchasing, they must check the inspection certificate and the quality license number of the manufacturer on a case-by-case basis. Unqualified cartons may not be acquired or used, nor may they be approved. Cartons manufacturing companies that have not received quality licenses purchase cartons.

If the foreign trade company purchases export goods from other provinces and cities, such as the use of locally produced export packaging cartons, it should be reported to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency or its designated professional inspection agency for inspection to determine whether it meets the standards.

The entry-exit inspection and quarantine agency shall carry out regular or irregular inspections of the production plants that obtain quality licenses, and shall not be less than three times per quarter; if unqualified secondary discoveries are made, or if it is found that unqualified products are provided for export without authorization, they shall be revoked. Its quality license prohibits its continued production of export packaging cartons, and its use unit must not acquire its products.

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