Krio's scanning technology shines at the largest image exhibition in North America

PMA2003 Las Vegas (March 2, 2003) – Creo Inc. (Nasdaq: CREO; TSX: CRE) at the PMA 2003 in Las Vegas in March this year A professional-quality scanning program was exhibited to give viewers a glimpse of the fact that even small originals processed by professional photo experts can become high-quality, high-quality documents that can be used for posters.

"Crio's color scanners are very suitable for professional photo studios. The customer requirements of these studios are very strict, and the colors of the enlarged images need to be faithful to the originals. The details cannot be lost." Jonathan, Marketing Manager, Creo Americas Agger said, "Enlarging pictures is simply a matter of routine for photo studios, but quality is not that easy. Our customers often tell us that Creo scanners are very high quality and suitable for any size. The original XY seamless scanning technology is even more remarkable, regardless of the 35mm negative film or 8x10 reversal film, the quality is impeccable, proofing is also very clear.Now our users output every day are the top quality Large-format images."

High-Quality Indoor Scanning Creo showcased three professional scanners, each using the latest technology available on the market.

With excellent scanning quality, advanced features, reliable quality, and high production capacity, the iQsmart Smart 2 Scanner is the first choice for time-critical customers. Zhijia 2 also uses XY seamless scanning technology, flip CCD, can obtain fine, clear scanning results, its cost performance far exceeds the same price scanner. With the SigmaPlus 2 scanner and oXYgen Lite scanning software, anyone can easily control the scanning process and produce professional-grade scans on Apple or PC.

The resolution of the QIAJIA 3 scanner can reach 10,000 dpi (optical resolution 5,500 dpi), which is not affected by the size of the original document and is extremely clear. Regardless of the size of the original, as long as it can be placed on the scanning table, using XY Stitch scanning technology can guarantee a clear and stable scan. The flip-type CCD can effectively prevent the interference of fine dust and improve the scanning quality. Zhijia 3 is the highest resolution of the entire Zhijia series, and the scanning platform is also the largest.

The current graphic arts market is fickle and fiercely competitive. For image studios, fast, high quality is the only way to win. EverSmart Supreme's Ultra Color Scanner is tailor-made for this kind of studio. Its superiority can be reflected when the user enlarges the picture and requires to guarantee the loyalty of the color. In addition to the XY Stitch scanning technology, there are other innovative technologies, such as the CCD dynamic cooling system, that guarantees a wider color gamut. In addition, such as MaxDR (Maximum Dynamic Range), high quality can be extracted from the scanned data. Image data to optimize image quality. oXYgen scanning software is a full 16-bit workflow: capture, store, open images at best quality, and more.

Professional scanning close at hand
oXYgen scanning software speeds up scanning, improves image quality, and is complemented by smart operations, such as a full suite of professional image editing tools. The Intelligent Sharpness menu automatically selects the appropriate sharpness according to the zoom ratio and original type. Zhijia 3 can scan 96 35mm originals at one time and 40 at a time. The SOOM (single scan, multiple output) workflow captures true 16-bit color digital transmissions and is stored at the highest resolution, eliminating the need for repetitive scanning. The user-selectable workflows are various (such as CMYK, RGB, and 16-bit SOOM) to achieve on-line operation and many output devices. Intuitive, easy-to-understand presets allow novices to also get first-rate quality, and users can set their own scan types and parameters.

Leading Scanning Workflow At the PMA show, Creo also demonstrated the latest version of the oXYgen scanning software. The 2.2 version of the software has some new features, such as batch scanning, can effectively increase productivity, and can support the Apple OS X system. oXYgen is now available with scanning software for the Windows operating system, with the cost-effective Chia 2 scanner.

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