It's not just taste that affects consumers. Confectionery packaging needs continuous innovation

The competition for sweets is gradually heating up, and consumers are no longer satisfied with the pleasure brought about by their tastes. Instead, they are pursuing higher tastes. Packaging has become more and more important! Therefore, for the candy company, the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the packaging of attractive products.

With the deepening of the concept of healthy eating, people's concern for the candy market has gradually declined. Recently, the "rabbit replied" incident has become a hot spot for people's attention and discussion. At the same time, it has also aroused people's analysis of domestic candy packaging.

Looking at the candy packaging market in China, either packaging has remained unchanged for decades and gradually detached from the aesthetic needs of consumers, or the packaging is often new, but it is difficult to form a brand effect on the appearance. It is reported that although some of the “big white rabbits” are unacceptable, they are quickly sold out at several points of sale and illustrate the importance of candy packaging innovation. Through this incident, we can also understand the domestic candy market want to high-profile in people's daily lives, the packaging needs to do what efforts.

Shape brand packaging

The competition for sweets is gradually heating up. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the pleasure brought by their tastes. They are pursuing higher tastes and are attracted by the appearance of beautiful packaging. Packaging has become more and more important! Therefore, for the candy company, the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the packaging of attractive products.

In this regard, the packaging design of many old and foreign brands of candy companies has a strong vitality, and it is still deeply loved by consumers after a hundred years. The concept is worthy of reference for domestic food production and packaging manufacturers. Many of Europe's classic chocolate brands have not changed their main packaging characteristics, but they will continue to shape the brand culture and understand what consumers need. Packaging is more simple than complex, and branded packaging is not a single package. Doing classics instead of making temporary ones is a common feature of classic brands. Therefore, in the fierce competition of various products, the brand is the most effective weapon.

From the perspective of packaging, branding is one of the core development trends. Therefore, companies must strengthen branding and packaging to change their style in order to stabilize the market. For example, although the white rabbit's toffee launched the "Giant White Rabbit" series and the recent "Limited Edition" series, its iconic "White Rabbit" image has been maintained.

Creative packaging design

After having an iconic brand design, it is necessary to add fresh design elements to stimulate consumers' aesthetics.

The confectionery industry is a recognized traditionalist, and the major confectionery brands easily control the market because consumers around the world have long recognized these products in terms of both psychology and taste. However, as far as packaging is concerned, the more stable a brand is, the less it is needed to develop new markets. The main reason for the slow change is the continual pursuit of the production line efficiency in the confectionery industry, which has had a significant impact on the packaging design of the confectionery market. But the consequence of this is that there are more and more packages that appear to be similar in appearance. The typical solution is to use a pattern design that instantly recognizes the brand, and a metal foil packaging material to stimulate improvisation.

With the continual development of the confectionery market, confectionery manufacturers have also become aware of the need to update product packaging to meet the changing social needs of eating habits.

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