"Outdoor group" travels cheaply in the popular tourism sector to remind them to choose carefully

"Outdoor group" travels cheaply in the popular tourism department reminds you to choose carefully Date:2016-03-22 14:31

According to Voice of China’s “Yangguang News” report, for the current phenomenon of many outdoor groups, QQ group, WeChat Group, Cheyou Group and related websites using modern means of communication to organize tourism activities, the tourism department reminded that tourism should be cautiously selected outdoor group travel , Alerting organizers to deceive participants with cheap bait.

When some outdoor groups advertise the products of travel routes, the prices may appear in the form of AA. It sounds transparent and the owners are only the initiators of the activities. The group members share the expenses. In fact, when this number reaches a certain number, the owner can get a fairly favorable team price in terms of food, accommodation, transportation, and tickets. In this way, the fees paid by the members of the group will have a certain price difference with this price. With the large number of participants, the profits generated are quite considerable.

Such a tourism organizer has neither a fixed place of business nor a business license in the industrial and commercial department, and supervision is relatively difficult. Outdoor group travel is an agreement reached by individuals and lacks supervision. Even if damage accidents and complaints occur, it is difficult for management departments to collect evidence.

In the outdoor trip, you must first carefully select the travel agency, please select a qualified travel agency before you travel. When registering via WeChat or other methods, you should try to register for the tour through the WeChat public number of the certified travel agency or the account number of the travel agency who can confirm the status. In the second signing of the written travel contract, a formal written travel contract should be signed before the trip to understand the information of the tour group and the ground contact agency, to confirm the travel it has reported, and to check carefully if there are any unreasonable shopping charges and other items. Third, we must purchase accident insurance. Tourists can only take responsibility for the injuries and losses caused by tourists due to their own reasons. Experts recommend that tourists go to professional insurance companies or qualified agencies to purchase travel accident insurance in a timely manner in order to prevent accidents. accident. The fourth is to protect human rights in accordance with the law. If there is a problem with service quality, you can negotiate with the travel agency. If the negotiation fails, you can lodge a complaint with the tourism bureau of tourism destination or the tourism quality supervision and law enforcement brigade.

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