Wardrobe design plan custom wardrobe front must-see reference (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The decoration began, and the wardrobe cabinets began to be installed. As a generation of the Internet, we all do things like surfing the Internet to do our homework, and we are fully prepared, and things are naturally beautiful. Are you looking for a wardrobe rendering ? Is it how to design the interior layout of the wardrobe? Today, the Wrigley wardrobe shares several wardrobe design schemes according to the age layer. As a preparation for the customization, it is very valuable.

Young couple's wardrobe: 1+1=1

Wrigley Wardrobe

The young couple's clothing is more diverse, and the Wrigley wardrobe suggests customizing a large wardrobe, which is relatively independent in the overall pattern. You can set the storage space for both men and women separately. There are more women's clothes and more space. Some units can be shared by both parties, such as the long dress area and the hanging pants area. The function of the cell is tailored to the needs of both spouses. The wardrobe way is also like the way husband and wife get along: 1+1=1.

Old man's wardrobe: taking care of the principle

Wrigley wardrobe picture

The design of the wardrobe of the elderly should fully take care of the convenience of the user. For example, the elderly parents have more clothes stacked, so they can consider making more layers and drawers when designing. Due to the physical condition, the drawers in the closet should not be placed at the bottom. .

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