Cordless vacuum cleaner - how much do you know

With the improvement of living standards, we are also increasingly demanding the quality of the home environment. Not only requires the design of the home to be beautiful and comfortable, but more importantly, the home is clean and hygienic. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner has become one of the indispensable household appliances in many families.

The rechargeable vacuum cleaner is actually not connected to the AC, and works on its own battery. Using it is an indispensable help for many of our housewives. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner can be said to be very easy to use compared to the broom, and it is very convenient to use and can clean the floor and some dead corners very cleanly.

1 , function

Its main components are vacuum suction fans, filter bags, hoses, hard tubes and different shapes of tips. Modern vacuum cleaners vary in accessories, and a rough brush and a fine brush are designed to remove dirt from the ground. Cordless vacuum cleaners are not yet fully available. The current power supply for industrial vacuum cleaners is a DC battery pack with a voltage of 48V . The safety voltage in our country is 36V , and the safety voltage in the EU is 48V , which means that its power, flow rate, vacuum degree, etc. can reach the industrial standard only after the voltage reaches 48V . However, there are some differences compared with some industrial power vacuum cleaners that are too powerful.

2 , the scope of use

Cordless vacuum cleaners are also used in a wide range of applications, such as squares, elevators, stations, trains and passenger planes. They can also be used on three-wheel electric sanitation trucks. The cleaners can hold the vacuum cleaners in their hands. Garbage is sucked into the trash can on the car, which can greatly reduce the amount of labor and contact of the garbage. Some large conference rooms and workshops, especially in the inconvenient environment without power and power, can highlight its superiority.

Also remind everyone that when purchasing a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, you should check all kinds of accessories of the vacuum cleaner, the connection should be firm, and the disassembly and assembly should be convenient and flexible. The suction nozzle should have a protective mouth and the floor nozzle should be able to rotate flexibly.

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