On the day of National Fitness Day, Shencheng will provide the public with a series of national fitness programs.

On the day of National Fitness Day, Shen City will provide the public with a series of national health days: 2015-08-07 23:25

The annual National Fitness Day is coming soon. It is understood that on August 8th, Shanghai will have more than 500 sports facilities of various types, more than 80 cities, district-level citizens' physique monitoring and guidance centers, and community physique monitoring stations, which will be open to the public, and will be open throughout August. More than 290 mass sports events, more than 290 training sessions and lectures on physical fitness skills, urged the whole people to really move.

In 2015, a series of hearty national fitness feasts will allow more people in Shanghai to experience the fun of sports and cultivate their exercise habits. From August 5th onwards, national fitness enthusiasts can search for the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau’s government-affiliated Wechat Shanghai Sports that is on the line or visit the Shanghai Sports Bureau website to learn more about the National Fitness Day event.

Sports facilities and sports facilities benefit people.

On this National Fitness Day, in addition to the regular public sports facilities, public sports fields, and the general public gymnasium, there are also many commercial sports venues that have joined the ranks of public welfare. For example, the 14 stores of Xingzhijian Health Club will be open to public welfare in the afternoon of the same day.

The mass sports events are up to the people's sports.

Challenge Wang Liqin Shanghai Citizens Table Tennis Challenge, 2015 Shanghai Municipal Sports Major League Shanghai Public Servants Swimming Competition, 2015 I Love Football Chinese Folk Football Competition Shanghai Municipal District Futsal Football Municipal Finals, 2015 Shanghai National Fitness Day-to-day competitions, such as the finals of the Grand Challenger, cover grassroots events for all types of people, allowing all types of people to find their favorite sports events. Physical fitness skills training and lectures Science fitness dynamics.

The kinetics public fitness skills series of public welfare training through the popularization of mass sports, to form a positive interaction of training backgammon events; innovative launch you send me to the public sports community distribution work, use of digital sports distribution platform to guide the Shanghai people at home more professionally Go to the gym.

Municipal and district-level citizen physique monitoring and guidance centers and community physique monitoring stations physical health movement test.

The Shanghai Institute of Sports Science will also open the door to target cycling enthusiasts to conduct skills assessment and counseling services, evaluate advanced equipment and methods, consult experts and scholars, and disseminate popular science lectures. For the general public to exercise scientifically and strengthen their health.

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