Ten feng shui taboos at the table are related to the health and wealth of the whole family.

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In ancient times, most of them used table-by-table food. The table was also called a food case. In the case of diners, the food cases were mostly small and light, so the wife of the Han Dynasty Liang Hong’s wife, Meng Guang, and his respectful guests would appear. In the modern era, it is almost impossible to "make a brow", because the modern table is generally large and heavy, and the diners gather together for a common meal, so the feng shui of the table reunion for the family, The influence of husband and wife is very big. The following ten precautions about the feng shui of the table are for your reference:

The dining table should be round or square

The dining table should be round or square: China's traditional cosmology is a "round place", so most of the daily utensils are round and square, and the traditional table is a typical example. The traditional table shape is like a full moon, which symbolizes a reunion of young and old, intimate, and disturbing the popularity. It can well set off the atmosphere of eating and has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

As for the square dining table, the small one can only sit four people, called the four fairy tables; the big one can sit eight people, also known as the Eight Immortals table, because it symbolizes the Eight Immortals gathering, it is also very auspicious, Founder is stable, symbolizing fairness and stability, although four sides It has a horn, but it is not lethal because it is not a sharp corner, so it is easy to adopt.

Since the shape of the table affects the atmosphere of the meal, the wooden round table or square table is suitable when the family is small, and the elliptical or rectangular table is suitable for a large population.

The texture of the table should be particular

The texture of the dining table should be emphasized: the surface of the dining table is easy to clean, the marble and glass are harder and colder, and the artistic sense is stronger. However, because it is easy to absorb the energy generated by the human diet, it is not conducive to the discussion and communication of the diners. Therefore, it should not be used all at the dining table, but it can be reconciled by shape and texture, such as a round marble dining table or a square wooden table. These combinations will bring good effects.

The table is the most taboo

The table is most apt to have sharp corners: the sharper the angle of the sharp corner, the sharper the sharpness, and the greater the lethality is considered taboo in Feng Shui, because the triangular table will lead to discord between the family and the health of the family, and the prismatic table will lead to money. Leakage and so on.

As for the wavy water-shaped dining table, although it does not conform to the tradition, it is barely selectable because it has no sharp corners. In short, the table is always round and square.

On the table, Yiping should not be inclined

It should not be inclined on the dining table: the roof on the dining table should be flat, if there is a beam under the top, or under the stairs, or the roof is tilted, this will be detrimental to the health of the family. The beam top is a taboo for feng shui. It is unlucky to have a beam top in any place in the house. In particular, the scourge on the bed, sofa, dining table and stove is the most harmful. It must be avoided as much as possible.

If there is a beam top on the dining table, it can be used as a ceiling to cover, but the best way is to move the table to another place.

If the table can not be removed from the sloping roof, the false ceiling can also be used to fill the sloping roof; if the table is under the stairs, the two pots can be placed on the bottom of the ladder to resolve, but it should be noted that the bamboo can be continuously Grow up, keep it evergreen, otherwise it will be difficult to receive.

The table should not be rushed by the gate

The dining table should not be directly rushed by the door: the residential Feng Shui study pays attention to “his returning to the circumstance”. If there is a rush, the qi will be easily vented, and the feng shui will be greatly affected. If the table is in a straight line with the gate, stand at the door. You can see that the size of a family is eating, which is not appropriate.

The table should not be flushed by the toilet door

Toilets are regarded as unclean places in the wind and water, so the more concealed the better, such as the right table, often lead to poor family health. If the dining table and the toilet door are flushed, it is best to move the table to another location as soon as possible. If it is really impossible to remove it, put a small water tray in the middle of the dining table, which is used to soak the iron tree head or drive bamboo. , in this way to resolve.

It is not advisable to use a candle chandelier on the dining table.

Candle chandeliers should not be used on the dining table: some chandeliers are made up of several candle-shaped lamps. Although they are novel in design and have considerable ornamental value, if they are hung on the dining table, it seems to be white with different lengths. Candles are stacked on the table. This is not a good sign. Because white candles are a symbol of funeral, putting them in a place where you can eat together, the consequences can be imagined, so you must try to avoid it, but other colors of candles No problem.

The table should not be facing the god platform

Shentai is a place dedicated to gods and ancestors. Strictly speaking, it should not be too close to where mortals eat. After all, there is always a different way of yin and yang. If Shentai is dedicated to Guanyin and Buddha gods, because they are all It is to quit the killing and the vegetarians eat fast, while the average family eats but there is a big fish and big meat, and the front is relatively out of place.

The table should not be too big

The dining table should not be too big: some people like the luxurious style, specializing in the purchase of extra large dining tables, this is understandable, but must pay attention to the size ratio of the dining table and the restaurant. If the restaurant is not spacious, it will be placed in a magnified table, forming a small table. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also hinders the feng shui of the restaurant.

The table should not be rushed by the door

The dining table is a place where you can gather and eat. You must be quiet and stable, and you can enjoy three meals a day. If you have a direct road, it will not only damage the feng shui, but also make your family unwilling. If the restaurant has multiple passages, it will be like being in the kitchen. In the vortex, the whole body is not smooth, and it is necessary to try to improve as soon as possible.

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