What skin care products should I use on my face?

What skin care products should I use on my face?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. In addition to sweating, the most annoying thing is that the face is greasy and tired! It is clear that the face is clean and refreshed before going out, and soon the face is glazed, becoming a large oil field, a belly Wronged and said nothing.

In addition to the strong secretion of facial sebum in the summer, the reason for the oil in the skin is that the internal water shortage is serious. Of course, there are external environmental factors, such as long-term use of computers, especially the static electricity in the computer will dehydrate our skin, so that the skin is getting more and more oil. And the skin care products we use every day also contain oily ingredients. Therefore, how to control oil has become the highlight of the summer. So what kind of skin care products should I use for my face?

SKINFOOD Green Apple Firming Lotion. The bottle is clear and refreshing green, and like its name, with the refreshing sense of green apples, it is very suitable for a sultry summer use, it feels like giving the skin a cup of iced carbonated drinks. This bottle of green apple firming lotion is really carbonated leeches. It also contains green apple extract, which can add enough moisture to the skin during use and effectively condense pores and promote the restoration of skin's water and oil balance.

I like the design of the bottle of SKINFOOD, which does not spill liquid due to the tilt, which is a good control of the dosage. The texture of this lotion is very moist, but it is not slippery! It doesn't flow like a lot of other lotions. It is lying quietly on the face and will be absorbed by the skin in a short time. I don't see it~ It's really good!

Pui Ling 妃缉 oil agent loose powder, the name is very domineering, but how does it control the oil? It can be really a secret weapon that agents will have ~ unscrew the bottle from the top and bottom, you will find three A small hole, then unscrewed is the outlet of loose powder. Below is a hidden small brush, pour the loose powder into the bottle cap and pick it up. Sweep the oily part of the face. The translucent ultra-light powder can effectively control the oil and remove the shine, leaving the skin no longer subject to The attack of oily light.

Sophia core beauty day care sunscreen lotion, this is Sophia's ace sunscreen lotion, and one of Japan's best-selling sunscreen lotion. How to control oil as sunscreen? Because it is refreshing and not sticky, it also has moisturizing, anti-aging, lifting and firming effect. It feels like a liquid sunscreen lotion, very thin, without the heavy weight of other sunscreen lotions, and it is very slippery. After gently pushing it away, there is no sticky feeling, no whitening, and it is quickly absorbed. For the pores that are easily blocked by oil in summer, this sunscreen lotion does not add pores to the pores, and is refreshing and breathable.

Collier's invisible pore cleansing gel, don't think that it only has a cleansing remedy, and the corresponding cleansing products! Use it with the Collier's cleansing instrument to reduce pores and improve the skin's greasy sputum. Effect!

珂Run oil control moisturizing lotion, from Japan, is the gospel of sensitive muscles. The formula adds "wet moisturizing ceramide functional ingredient" and "blue eucalyptus leaf extract" to enhance the barrier function of the skin, improve the rough problem caused by excessive oil, and maintain the skin's water and oil balance. The push-type design allows the lotion to be sucked up, but the control is still a lot worse than the SKINFOOD Green Apple Firming Lotion. The texture is very slippery, still grabbing the phone, the lotion has already slipped away~

Ke Yan's (Kiehl's) calendula water. Its home toner has become a timeless classic of the 1960s for its fresh and gentle effect. In this non-alcoholic Kelly's Calendula plant revitalizing water, it is added with natural calendula ingredients, which can gently cleanse and soothe oily skin and balance the skin's oil. It is suitable for all skin types, especially oily. Skin and mixed skin with acne. After washing your face, gently pat a layer, the skin is dry and refreshing. It can improve the oiliness of the skin for a long time. It has a large amount of diehard powder.

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