2015 bedroom fashion color wardrobe with perfect space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] If you want to catch the fashion, please grab the popular color first! The color of spring and summer of 2015 is biased towards cool colors, and the color is softer, brighter and simpler. The color of the female popular color is water blue, and the blue color of the air has a dreamy feeling, which is quiet. As a resting space, the bedroom needs to choose a comfortable color to make the space more comfortable and relaxing, so that people can be in their own world! The following small series will take you to see the popular colors of the bedroom design in 2015. Will the gray tone make you like it?

Bedroom resin green: simple wardrobe

Popular color

When I saw the green on the wall, I felt fresh and soothing. Its color was more gray than the mint green. It was not so springy but softer. It works well with white and bright yellow. If the wall of your bedroom is this color, then choose a white simple wardrobe , the softness of the space will be strong!

Bedroom sand yellow: high cold wardrobe

Simple wardrobe

Sandy yellow, as the name suggests, is like sand. It has the simplicity of the earth and the extravagance of gold. Use this color to embellish the space, use a light gray tone and a yellow lightness to calm the space. Then use the golden frame and corners of the gold to fill the monotony of the space. The final effect has a low-key European feel. At this time, the selection of the wardrobe should be as low-key as possible, but the details cannot be ignored. The highlight of this wardrobe is its cabinet design, which is very modern.

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