Hualu Banbantong recording and broadcasting system solution

The construction of recording and broadcasting classrooms is another key project after the relaying of multimedia classrooms in the digital construction of campus information in recent years. The so-called recording and broadcasting is the collection of signals such as lectures, lecturers’ images, sounds, lectures, etc., recorded by hardware devices. It is a standard network format and is streamed for people to download on demand. The completion of the recording and broadcasting classroom will carry out all-round and three-dimensional recording, editing, on-demand broadcasting and live broadcast of the teacher-instructed body and teacher-student interaction scenes, and achieve the accumulation of multimedia teaching courseware, promote the construction of school-based resources, and effectively support the after-school activities. Teaching and research analysis to improve teachers' teaching improvement, and to facilitate students' after-school review and resource sharing in remote brother universities.

With the popularization of the use of recording and broadcasting systems, the integration of recording and broadcasting equipment is high, the compatibility is unstable, and the failure rate is still high. At the same time of saving money and facilitating operation, the recording, guiding, collecting, controlling, live broadcasting, on-demand broadcasting and remote management of the teaching process are realized.

Hualu Intelligent Recording and Broadcasting System can design and develop according to the different use environments of the school to provide corresponding course recording and broadcasting solutions.

An Introduction:

The Banbantong recording and broadcasting system adopts a new recording and broadcasting system solution, and realizes the panoramic recording of the classroom course through the Banbantong recording host. At the same time, it can be connected with the campus LAN, and the local recorded video is automatically uploaded to the on-campus video on demand server, and transmitted to the principal's office, the grade director's office, the teacher's office and other environments through the intramural network. The principal can be allowed to watch the on-demand video, and through the regional education cloud resource management platform to achieve teaching resources sharing, evaluation of classes, class interaction, teaching style display and other activities.

Application course:

Teaching course recording, quality class recording, micro-course recording, e-book bag and other teaching resources recording.

Application scenario:

Principal's office, teacher's office, classroom, education bureau, school enterprise, etc.

Application effect and value:

Students: Independent study outside the school, after-school review, special course study

Parents: Tutoring for extracurricular teaching to understand the progress of students

Teacher: Evaluate teaching, learn from each other, improve teaching level

Principal: teaching supervision, inspection class, teaching observation, teaching quality control and improvement

School: Realizing the sharing of educational resources and improving the quality of school running

Hualu intelligent recording and broadcasting system provides strong guarantee for the retention and sharing of teaching resources, the professional development of teachers, the individualized learning of students and the management of education and teaching, and improves the overall teaching level.

Program advantages:

1. The Banbantong recording and broadcasting host adopting the embedded architecture is mainly used in the classroom to provide high-definition video image recording such as Blu-ray movies for classroom teaching. Built-in two-channel audio embedding function realizes the sound effects such as movie recording content. .

2. The recording data is safe and stable. The 3-fold backup mechanism can store the recorded files on the local hard disk, network hard disk, and local large-capacity Blu-ray disc for data storage.

3. Supporting 3D video playback integrated teaching equipment, in the classroom teaching can provide students with 3D video playback and other demonstration effects.

4. Intelligent class management resource management platform, which can provide professional video resource management, video resource live broadcast and other services.

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