After the renovation of the year, the custom wardrobe purchase will do a good job in advance.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] New Year has passed, many people have left the warm home and returned to work. Everyone knows that after the year is a peak period of decoration, the wardrobe is an indispensable part of our daily life, choose a suitable one. The wardrobe is very necessary, then, what kind of "homework" should be done before purchasing the wardrobe, so that you can not be deceived? You must learn the following four points.

1, clearly select the target

Custom wardrobe purchase

Custom wardrobe purchase

Whether it is a business customization or a decoration company customization, it is important to clearly choose the target. Before determining the wardrobe customization plan, you need to collect brand information on the network, look at the brand or decoration company's reputation, and even visit the store to understand the differences between brands.

2, smart selection of plates

Wardrobe purchase

Wardrobe plate purchase

When making custom wardrobes, the board is an important material. Whether it is a special wardrobe brand or a decoration company, custom-made wardrobe sheets are very important. Understand the type and quality of the materials used, such as the sealing edge is tight and delicate, not easy to fall off, no color difference; some parts of the product will have brand identity.

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