What is the product structure of cabinet furniture?

The basic components of cabinet furniture include: panel, top plate (floor), partition (two types of activities, fixed), front frame, rear frame, side panel or side frame (including core frame, glass frame), door (glass) Doors, solid wood doors, curved wood doors), drawers (hollowed, solid, fiberboard), decorative strips (front, side), connecting wood (including triangular wood) dustproof board, hardware.

Door: structure

1, from the appearance (material) is divided into: solid wood doors (glass doors), board doors, curved wood doors.

2, solid wood doors (glass doors) usually use a floating structure. Namely: the solid wood frame is grooved around, and the middle is embedded with MDF (to be attached to the tablet) or solid wood board (to be lined around) or glass (white glass, bubble glass, colored glass).


3, the solid wood frame consists of: column (left and right), horizontal (upper, middle, lower), the column and the horizontal connection using the male and female (combined knife) plus wood 榫 yellow plastic plus straight nails. Wood boring and male and female grooving must have sufficient glue.

4. The board door is usually made of MDF board, surrounded by PU or surrounding sealing piece.

5, the front and back of the curved wooden door are required to be moored, the arc must be consistent with the front frame horizontally, directly cut to the fixed length or the fine vertical cut after the vertical axis. Seal the PU and make a basecoat when sanding.

basic requirements

1. The edges of the doors that are closed to each other should be formed or sanded to an appropriate angle to avoid friction between the two doors when opening and closing, but the angle should not be too large, and the inclination should be 0.5mm.

Door 2_1.png

2, if the material is bare, the edge of the door must be sealed with a po-blade or PU edge or solid wood edge, and sanding flat, fake wood grain when painting, the color is to be consistent with the door, the leather edge must be Glued tightly.

3, the cover type door, the gap between the back of the door and the front frame should be tightly sealed, and the acceptable uniform gap is 1/16 maximum.

4. The edges of the adjacent two-door doors must be in a horizontal position, and the error is not allowed to exceed plus or minus 1/32.

5. The inner-retracted door must be kept evenly spaced from the frame gap, and the gap is controlled between 1/16-1/8. Note: The door and front frame are required to be square.

6, the door must be able to open and close tightly, whether it is above or below.

7, the sound cabinet (TV cabinet) between the two doors should not exceed 3/16.

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8. Pull-out doors must use a blank to avoid damage during normal use. The sliding rails and guide rails of the door must be in a straight line and can slide freely.

9. The edge of the embedded door core board must be colored, and the two end faces are fixed with nails first, so as to avoid the looseness and whiteness of the core board due to shrinkage and looseness.

10. Doors with doors must be fitted with door slits. Cabinets with ceiling lights, such as wine cabinets, cupboards, etc., must have a light-shielding strip around the door.

11. The door strip is glued and nailed, or the countersunk lock screw is used, and the upper and lower ends of the door strip should be flush or shorter than the door length. The maximum acceptance range is 1/16 of the upper and lower.

12. The loose-leaf screws must be flattened to prevent the cap from protruding and squeezing the door post and front post. And the screw head has no sharp sharp corners exposed.

13. The loose-leaf sheet must be properly installed to prevent the loose-leaf from damaging the painted surface during use. The color of the leaflet must be coordinated with the color of the entire cabinet. The fouled leaflet is unacceptable unless otherwise required by the design.

14. The loose leaf is not allowed to bend or excessively lift, so that the door cannot be kept in a line. It is not allowed to adjust the door in a way that bends the leaf to keep the door flush.

15. The position of the hinge of the loose leaf is uniform and uniform at the position outside the door. The loose-leaf shaft should be 1mm away from the door to prevent the paint from being damaged during the rotation.

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