What are the advantages of Deli shower room super clean series products

Deli shower room is the "non-standard king" in the industry, so Deli shower room is very popular in the building materials market. The ultra-clean series shower room developed by Deli shower room is the latest series of products. Get to know the characteristics of the Deli shower room super clean series shower room.

Features of Super Clean Shower Room

The advent of ultra-clean shower rooms has had a great impact on the entire shower room industry. The combination of world-leading nanotechnology and high-quality materials uses chemical molecular reactions to combine glass and lyogel with covalent bonding. As a whole, the anti-fouling and anti-water protective film is formed on the surface of the glass, which has strong hydrophobicity, and the water droplets form a water-like rapid slip and have a water-repellent effect.

Nine features, nine protections

Hydrophobicity: Because the ultra-clear technology has the function of repelling water, mud, oil and water. Water, mud, oil and water will form a large contact angle on the surface of ultra-clean glass and form a drop shape. The contact angle of the water drop and the glass surface is 110 degrees. Our common lotus leaf has this effect. Therefore, the surface of the glass is extremely hydrophobic, and the water droplets slide straight down without dirt, making it easy to take care of.

Protection: protect the glass from stains, acid and corrosion for a long time

Chemical resistance: Resistant to cleaning agents and chemical attack, to ensure that the glass is still fresh for a long time.

Wear resistance: Resist daily wear. Ultra-clean glass is more wear-resistant than ordinary glass, especially suitable for consumers with children at home.

Non-sticky: Non-sticky dust, grease, water scale, soap scale. The surface of the ultra-clean glass is extremely smooth, making it difficult for various stains to be absorbed on it.

UV resistance: Not affected by sunlight.

Environmental protection: Significantly reduce the amount of cleaning agents and 90% of cleaning time, reduce the use of water resources, reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

Corrosion resistance: The ultra-clean technology forms a protective film on the glass surface and directly contacts with water, soap scale, etc., reducing the contact of acidic substances, reducing the corrosion, aging and yellowing of the glass, and protecting the original color of the glass.

Healthy antibacterial: The ultra-clean technology forms an anti-fouling protective layer on the shower room glass, does not stick to any dirt, avoids the growth of dirt bacteria, and eliminates hidden health risks that affect users.

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