Rat gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) ELISA kit

Beijing Equation Biophone: 010-82833221 010-57266903 13269288551 Online QQ rat gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) ELISA kit ELISA features: 1. High sensitivity. 2 specificity. 3 repeatability is good. 4 The reagent is stable, easy to store and easy to operate. Not only the high reliability of the experimental results, but also save you the cost and time of the experiment; Tips: Please read the instructions thoroughly before use. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent kit is based on the principle of classical enzyme-linked sandwich technology and can only be used for research purposes and should not be used for medical diagnosis.

Power Bank Printer with the print size of 28*60cm, has C M Y K and 4 white color, which can print directly on plastic,metel, PVC, leather as well as PTU case.

This product used for industrial production. It combines fast printing speed and elegant design at a suit, make the digital printing production to become a reality.

With its futures:high brightness, clearness and resolution, good color recovering and long service life, here we'd like to share with you about our UV Phone Case Printer's color reducibility.
Printing out 3D and embossing quality available, this power bank printer can also print directly on the black and any other deep color cases.

power bank printer

Power bank printer
Print head
Printer size
Printing speed
A4 photo/111s
Printng resolution
Net weight/Gross weight
Printer size
Height adjustment
Working power
110V/220V   50/60Hz    30-75W
Operation system
Windows 7/XP/2000/Vista etc

Power Bank Printer

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