How to buy an electric massage chair? What brand of electric massage chair is good?

Along with the rise of the home leisure trend, electric massage chairs, known as the family “little nurses”, are more and more popular among families. So, how to buy an electric massage chair?

Choose a massage chair, one is to choose the brand and model, in addition to choose a good after-sales service store or seller, two points are very important, indispensable.

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Steps and methods for purchasing an electric massage chair

1. Pay attention to the material and quality of the electric massage chair.

The movement is one of the core components for controlling and executing the entire massage program. When purchasing, the quality and material of the movement is one of the key choices. The massage chair machinery is mainly divided into metal and plastic: the massage chair with metal movement has low noise and long service life, but the price is generally high; the main service life of plastic mechanical massage chair is obviously lower than that of metal movement. The massage chair is slightly noisy and the price is relatively low.

At present, some massage chairs on the market use plastic movements, and some use metal movements, usually poor quality plastic movements. After a period of use, the noise generated will be larger and larger, and the repair rate will be higher. Some high-end brands usually use imported metal movements, and their noise is generally controlled within 50 decibels. However, the massage chair with imported movement is usually used, and the market price will be higher.

2, massage function and performance of electric massage chair

The second key factor in choosing a massage chair is to experience the function and performance of the massage.

You can pay attention to four aspects: First, experience the strength and technique. Generally, the quality massage chair is smooth and comfortable from soft to powerful massage. The adjustment of the strength should have obvious feeling, while the massage power of the low-grade massage chair is not obvious. More blunt; secondly, focus on the shoulder, neck and waist spine massage is accurate in place; in addition, the sole of the foot has the "second heart", the foot has a number of nerve endings, massage the foot reflex zone and the various points of the foot massage in place The meridian can really open and unblock.

3. Is the design of the electric massage chair human and intelligent?

In addition, the button operation should be simple and easy to understand, whether the chair back, chair rest and other parts of the massage chair can be automatically raised and lowered, and whether the leg drag can be automatically extended is a factor that should be paid attention to when selecting a massage chair.

Precautions for purchasing a massage chair

The choice of massage chairs can not be cheap, and the price of massage chairs on the market currently ranges from several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands. The insiders reminded that the massage chair must not be cheap. Some netizens revealed that there are many brands of massage chairs, but the real good brands are so 4 or 5. Real import brands: Panasonic, Fuji, Sanyo and OSIM, others are domestic products, claiming to be foreign.

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