The original morning exercise changed the indoor fitness child to "captivity"


Spring is back to the earth, it is a good time to go, but the cloudy days and the smog that lasted for half a month have cast a shadow on the "spring". The real-time monitoring data of the official website of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau showed the city. The air is moderately polluted. In such a weather, it is useless to stay in complaints alone. Many citizens acted and tried to fight against smog. They used to practice changing the playground from the outside to the indoors. Some parents put the children after school. Captive" up...

Dr. Nekoro of Nancheng People's Hospital reminded the public to reduce the time for outdoor activities in the haze days. At the same time, pay attention to light diet, eat less irritating foods, eat more tofu, milk and other foods, and add vitamins if necessary.

Doing aerobics indoors

“I saw it in the morning and it was foggy, and I went out early.” Ms. Liu, who works in Qingxi, usually spends more than an hour driving to work. Yesterday she went out 20 minutes earlier. She said: “The weather will be bad on the road. Blocked, the car does not dare to drive fast."

Yesterday morning, there were not many people doing morning exercises and morning running in the park in the central square. Li Ayi, who is practicing Taijiquan, complained: "The air is not good recently, and the partners in the morning exercise are not willing to come. When the weather is good, come. There are one or two hundred people in the morning exercise here."

Ms. Hu, who is doing financial work, said that after the spring, the smoggy and cloudy days made her transform the outdoor sports into indoor aerobics. She said: "The air quality is so bad that I have to have an indoor fitness card."

Yesterday, in the pediatric clinic of Nancheng People's Hospital, the crying and coughing sounds of children in the waiting hall were mixed. According to the nurses who were admitted to the clinic, a large proportion of children who came to see the disease in the past few days were suffering from coughs and colds. At a school bus pick-up point on Sanyuan Road in Nancheng, Ms. Liu, who took the child, said: "The two days have not allowed children to play outside, and he will be 'captive' at home after school."

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