The original design of furniture will be created from China to China in the future.

    In fact, although the original design of Qumei Furniture has been recognized by the highest international design, standing at the peak of the international design industry, in the eyes of some foreign consumers, Chinese furniture is just synonymous with “cheap goods”. Most Chinese furniture companies are still taking the old road of “Made in China” and still lacking in original design. Under the continuous influx of international furniture companies and products, the Chinese furniture industry needs to complete the transition from “Made in China” to “Created in China” under the growing brand and differentiated demand of domestic furniture consumers.

Furniture manufacturing is a traditional industry in China. In the past 30 years, China's furniture industry has developed rapidly. However, most of China's furniture enterprises are still in the manufacturing factory mode, and they have not received sufficient attention in the original design of furniture. Although, at present, various exchange meetings and promotion meetings related to the design of the furniture industry are directed at the original design, but the enterprises in China's furniture industry with independent original design strength are still rare.

Qumei is a leading enterprise in China with original design furniture. Qumei Furniture has already been done when most people still do not have this awareness, and it is one of the few furniture companies in China that have their own original characteristics. And one is more than 20 years. In the early 1990s, he first created the "bending wood" craft in Beijing. In 2014, he won the grand prize in the international design industry "Oscar" IF Award. Qumei Furniture has gone through more than 20 years. From insisting on original design to gaining recognition from the international design community, it can be said that Qumei's original design road is the epitome of "China's creation". Each step carries the persistence and dedication of the original Chinese design spirit.

As we all know, in the late 1990s, foreign furniture brands entered the Chinese market in a strong way. With original design concepts and strong financial advantages, they caused serious threats to local furniture companies that were just starting out.

In the industry, when the wolf came, Qumei Furniture began to plan ahead. In 1999, it cooperated with the famous Danish designer Hans to launch the Nordic style furniture that made the Chinese people shine. Since then, Qumei Furniture has gone further and further on the road of original design. It has been such a persistence for more than 20 years, and has become one of the few furniture companies with original designs in China.

In the following period, the Qumei Furniture International Design Alliance was established. The internationally renowned design institutes such as Danish Design Institute, Danish Bonneric Design Institute, British Pigeon Design Institute and French P&P Design Institute have successively joined the Qumei International Design Alliance, and signed a number of excellent products such as Zhou Wei and Wu Tong. Domestic young designers. Introduced a number of original hot-selling series such as Nordic Sunshine, Manhattan Life, Gonnofan, and China.

Since then, the original design with Chinese characteristics can be better integrated into the product, and the added value of the product is enhanced while showing the infinite charm. Qumei Furniture “Leshanju” sofa is a typical example of Chinese original design. “Leshanju” embodies the freehand Chinese cultural legend, which integrates Chinese landscape painting into contemporary life, through careful ergonomic design. The moving mountain cushion has a three-dimensional curve that is beautiful and comfortable. The cushions and soft cushions gently surround the user, making it easy and comfortable to sit and talk. It fully demonstrates the aesthetics and modernity of Chinese classical (classical decoration renderings). Renovation effect map) The infinite charm of lifestyle fusion innovation.

In recent years, with the development of the design industry, more and more Chinese designers have changed their styles and made a strong voice. The original works of Chinese designers can be seen everywhere, among which there are more excellent designs that are internationally recognized.

Take the example of “Free Space”, which is the introduction of Qumei Furniture Design Director Yuan Yuan. The product meets the individual needs of the user's natural relaxation to the greatest extent. It is based on the charm of natural landscapes, combined with the exquisite and elegant modern design style, the product characteristics of the mix and match (mixed and decorated renderings), breaking through the rigid restrictions, realizing the unity of the coordination and change of the living room, conveying the fashion and elegant The modern urban elite life concept, this design allows us to find a truly elegant, stylish and comfortable home experience in a crowded city and outside the tight world.

The “Pea Princess” in the “Free Space” series of original design products has won many awards. Recently, it has won the “IF Award”, which is known as the “Oscar Award” in the design world. The original design products of Qumei Furniture are obtained internationally. The recognition of the top prizes is a strong signal that the original design of Chinese furniture has not only been recognized by the international community, but even out of its own characteristics, it can compete with internationally renowned brands, and it also indicates that it is made in "Made in China". The Chinese original design to “Created in China” has kicked off, and the “Chinese creation” with Chinese characteristics will lead a fashion boom in the future.

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