New results of luminescent carbon nanoparticles of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Recently, the research team of Qu Songnan, an associate researcher at the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, realized the regulation of blue and green light emitted by carbon nanoparticles, and for the first time realized the optical pumping laser of carbon nanoparticles in the green light band . This discovery will directly affect the application fields and application prospects of carbon nanoparticles.

In fact, in recent years, there has been a lot of controversy about the luminescence mechanism of carbon nanodots, mainly around whether it is intrinsic luminescence or surface defect luminescence. Surface defect luminescence means that the luminescence characteristics are difficult to control. The luminescence process is an energy dissipation process, which is not conducive to the preparation of high-performance optoelectronic devices and laser devices.

Previously, carbon nanoparticles have been proven to achieve intrinsic luminescence in the blue band and have achieved blue-band lasers, but so far, there has been no report of carbon nanoparticles achieving intrinsic luminescence and lasers in the green band.

"Intrinsic luminescence is the prerequisite for carbon nanoparticles to form a laser. The adjustable luminescence band of carbon nanoparticles means that carbon nanoparticles can also achieve lasers in other wavelength bands," said Song Songnan.

Before this, because of the unclear luminescence mechanism of carbon nanoparticles, scientists have long believed that this nanoparticle has very peculiar chemical and physical properties compared to macroscopic carbon, and that its luminescence is defect luminescence, especially in green light. The band is more difficult to realize laser. The research of Qu Songnan's research team not only confirmed that the emission of carbon nanoparticles in the green light band is intrinsic, but also realized the carbon nanoparticle light pump laser in the green light band. This discovery will directly affect the application fields and application prospects of carbon nanoparticles.

In 2012, Qu Songnan ’s team found that the use of carbon nanoparticles ’excitation wavelength-dependent properties, combined with organic dyes, can build graphics with information encryption on biological products, which can be applied to information storage and information encryption. These unique properties make it possible for carbon nanodots to enter our real life.

In the State Key Laboratory of Luminescence and Application where Qu Songnan is located, several young people also joined the study together. "The level at home and abroad is comparable, almost on the same starting line. Our research in the early stage has been relatively smooth, but the next scientific research will face new challenges." For the future, they are full of expectations.

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