Skin care samples must pay attention

The sample is a small sample of the trial. The brand will be given to the customer when the customer purchases the product or consults, so that the customer can feel the color, fragrance, texture, moisturization, etc., in order to enhance the consumer's loyalty to the brand. In addition, a small piece of paste can be found on the advertisement pages of many magazines.

Skin care samples must pay attention

In Europe and the United States, the “small sample strategy” of makeup manufacturers has earned them a lot of simple and loyal customers. When these filmed samples were launched in Japan, they suffered a lot of setbacks. Japanese women are more demanding than Europeans and Americans. They feel that these pieces of film can't test the real effect of the products. Therefore, according to the demand, many big-name manufacturers have also introduced exquisite bottled samples in time, which has attracted more girls who love beauty.

Many people will use the demos for fun. They are not satisfied with the gifts that the brand counters buy for the formalwear products, and they also go to the Internet to buy a variety of samples. In particular, there are many kinds of demos on the Internet, and the price is quite cheap. Many MMs can't help but have a few products for each type of skin care products, and they think of themselves as mice.

However, the source of these small samples on the network is unknown, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and it is easy to bring health risks to consumers. Without the guidance of the counter BA, the scourge is easy to find. The product doesn't know how to use it properly. If you accidentally use it wrong, your face will be threatened. In addition, the things that are applied to the face are changed too fast, and the skin is constantly adapting. For a long time, the most tormented skin is inevitably sensitive.

Skin care samples must pay attention

It takes at least two months for any product to show its effect. Your sample is specially moisturized these days. It is anti-aging in the next few days. In a few days, it becomes whitening again. Which effect? With just a few milliliters of sample, it is impossible to achieve significant improvement in skin texture and skin care.

Nowadays, many of the major brands' promotional packages will give some samples and samples. 30ml of lotion, 15ml of face cream, 5ml of eye cream can basically last for a while, you can carefully observe the changes of your skin through these samples, to determine whether these products are really suitable for your face. If appropriate, don't hesitate to take the product. If you use it for a short period of time, it will not be good for your skin. If it is not appropriate, don't hesitate to throw them away or give them away. Don't let the greed and cheapness drive you to continue using them.

When you buy genuine products, you can't buy enough money for the sample package. You have to take a closer look at how much of the package you need, but you can't go back to a bunch of chicken ribs that you don't need!

Skin care samples must pay attention

In the sample, makeup and perfume are no more afraid. There are several colors in the make-up, so you can have different combinations and choices. But the make-up sample is less produced, or only the piece is released, only let you taste it once. The same is true for perfumes. A few milliliters of small perfume bottles are very attractive. Every day, there are different flavors to match your clothes. It is wonderful.

In short, the meaning of the existence of the sample is to let you find a product that suits you. They do not improve the skin and skin care. Skin care must be dedicated, find a suitable one for a long time, feel that you can not greedy small and ruin your own delicate face! >>>Dating interview too high fat is a big problem

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