Moisture-proof performance competition: 8 brand floor evaluation

The ranking of the evaluation results is not the same as the best-selling list. This evaluation moisture resistance performance rankings:

TOP1: Shengxiang water source oak laminate flooring

Product specifications: 1212 * 138.5 * 11mm

Reference price: 259 yuan / ㎡

Editor's comment: The editor poured small water on the seam of the floor and wiped it off with a dry towel after 10 minutes. The water hardly penetrated anymore. When I opened the splice, I found that the water that penetrated was also minimal. .

TOP2: Anxin California sandalwood laminate flooring

Product specifications: 1212 * 142 * 12mm

Reference price: 188 yuan / ㎡

Editor's comment: The editor pours clean water between the stitched two boards, sets it aside, then wipes it off with a rag, and opens the two boards. It can be seen that the water droplets just placed did not penetrate between the two boards. This tightness should be attributed to the tightness of the lock. However, this reinforced board does not have a four-sided sealing wax like many reinforcing boards on the market. Its waterproofing mainly depends on its tight lock and high-density base material. If it can be sealed for four weeks, it will be more perfect.

TOP3: Del European series floor

Product specifications: 1216mm * 143.5mm * 11.7mm

Connection method: rectangular lock

Reference price: 179 yuan / ㎡

Editor's comment: The editor dripped water at the seam of the floor. After standing for a period of time, the water was dried and the two floors were separated. It was found that there was almost no water droplets in the lock. It can be seen that the moisture resistance of this floor is very good. It also shows that the lock is tightly connected.

TOP4: Simba white oak parquet

Product specifications: 910 * 127 * 15mm

Reference price: 248 yuan / square meter

Editor's comment: drip water to the floor splicing place, wait for a few minutes and wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Open the splicing interface without any water droplets seeping in. The good waterproof performance shows its strict and regular production process.

TOP5: Fillinger American light oak laminate flooring

Product model: M-255

Product specifications: 805mm * 112mm

Reference price: 188 yuan / square meter

Editor's comment: Pour a paper cup of water between the two floors, the water will stay on the floor surface, the lock surface is not wet at all! Sprinkle water on the lock surface, and even form water drops attached to it, not sticking water. In this way, you are not afraid of children knocking over the glass, just wipe it!

TOP6: Nature Aesthetic Series

Product specifications: 1210 * 166 * 12mm

Reference price: 388 yuan / square meter

Editor's comment: The water and moisture resistance of this floor is by dripping water at the joints of the floor. After a period of time, the water is dried and the two floors are disassembled. It is found that there is a small amount of water droplets seeping into the connection, which shows the waterproofness of the floor The moisture resistance performance needs to be improved.

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