The whole wood home market is fiercely competitive who will become the owner who will become a vassal

The whole wood was smashed, and the whole meal was mixed with raw rice.

Within two years, all the enterprises in the whole wood home do not want to be relaxed, at least four years before the strong brand formation pattern.

Product Capability is now the primary threshold for custom wood customization. After you pass this threshold, you can live even if you don't grow up.

Brand ability is the fundamental threshold of the whole wood home. After this threshold, you can become the master of the industry's guidance rules.

The whole wood home industry is currently at the primary stage of development with a focus on technology and products. At present, no company has achieved a complete victory in the overall product line quality. If it does not win, it will not be a strong combination. In addition, the industry has low standards, capacity, team, management, brand, marketing, service and market support. Level, so no company at this stage can dance long sleeves and it is difficult. No one can win in product and brand marketing. The invincible victory is the scorpion fight, the flaws are there, the soft ribs are there, the ability to be there, all have to be self-reliant and have to guard against stumbling blocks and sweeping legs.

The whole wood home industry is in the middle of it. The most important thing for the companies in it is that they can't be confused by the smoke, calmly return to the essence of the industry, what the industry must have, and what is the most important need for this industry. Thoroughly understand your strategy. Where do you come from, where are you going, where are you now, why you go, how to go.

Calmly examine the nature of the whole wood home, the nature of its consumers and products determine its essence. It is an industry, a high-end industry, and a high-end industry that requires a multi-structured real kung fu system to stand up. It is an industry that must be based on product strength to achieve brand power. First of all, we must pass through the eyes of high-end customers who are knowledgeable and discerning; it is an industry that must have brand power to defend and enhance product strength, because it is difficult for industry companies to lead the competition in one year, and the pursuit of two years. Moreover, it is necessary to satisfy the added value of the life level, personality level, emotional level and soul level of high-end customers.

Solid wood overall home customization companies are currently the most pressing, because "current" determines your next two years, the next four years. The cruel law of commercial competition will create who can't live, who is the master, and who is the dependency. The law of shuffling of whole wood homes has been deciding who is going to die and who is living, who is the master, who is the fate of the vassal.

Who will die?

From the market terminal and from the Guangzhou Construction Expo, it has been seen that the merchants of solid wood management have been matured by the market education. To sell goods, the goods can be sold first, and the quality of the products is now the first. The solid wood overall home customization, no matter how hot it is now, is in the primary development stage of technology and products. Whether it is a layman with capital resources, or a short one with some advantages in product strength, whether you are doing your own products or integrating and making good products, you must do a good job. If you can't get the product done this year and next year, it will be abandoned by the market. Newcomers, tall and short in the whole wood home industry, you can calm down and calculate. If you try your best in the next two years, you can use your resources and use your power to make products. You can consider it now. When the seller turns around, don't toss it up. This bowl of rice is not for you to eat. Whole wood home is a very high-end thing, it is very hard work, very capable, very demanding, you die first, do not die so painful and ugly.

Who will become the master

The master is the one who grasps the initiative of the rules. Who can become the owner of the whole wood home industry, one, now has the product advantage, attaches great importance to product strength, and can do the whole wood home core product line products within two years. Second, we now attach great importance to capacity integration and modern capacity upgrades. In two years, we can make our own production capacity of more than 200 million scale, and in the next four years, we can make our own production capacity more than 500 million. Third, we now attach great importance to brand marketing and implementation of brand marketing. Do not strengthen the brand's soft power building reputation, integrate resources, upgrade product value and image, communicate and preempt customer mentality, is equal to the ability to cancel their high-end identity, equal to nine points to become a part of the work of modern high-end marketing War is equal to choosing to do it alone when you are thin. It is equal to developing your own technology and letting others obtain patents.

The product is difficult, the production capacity is difficult, and the brand is difficult. Opportunities lie in the industry, the products are hard, the products have to work hard, the time, the production capacity to the team, the management, the capital resources. Brands must be aware, think, culture, wisdom, and emotional intelligence. Product capacity plus brand marketing strength determines who will become the master. Now decide the future.

Who will become a dependency

Product, capacity, brand trilemma. If you only have the ability to solve the product capacity, then you are a vassal.

Why brand marketing is a difficult one, why is it so powerful, can not afford to become a vassal, why is it so urgent, from now on will decide the future. More difficult than the product, how many kinds of products, how many forms, how many processes, how many processes, how many details, how much effort the product needs, every time the product has to pay attention to it; more difficult than the production capacity, capacity How many standards, how many connections, how many teams, how much management, how much to grind, how much capital resources, and capacity is a big system. If a whole wood home business is still accounted for this, it may be the beginning of the fate of its future vassals.

Brand marketing is of course difficult, at least as difficult as product capacity, the difficulty of the brand, the most difficult is that the bosses of the solid wood industry are too "traditional", the boss is good at sales, good at technology, good at management, but rarely good at brand marketing of. The difficulty of the brand is that the boss does not have a deep sense of brand marketing, and does not realize the importance of the brand to their own. It should be noted that the whole wood home is a high-end demand industry, a lean industry with connotation development, and a pyramid top industry for market competition. You must know that the brand is to let you match the high-end identity business card; it is the connotation of the value of your product; it is the voice of your advantage in the competition, the pioneer of your reputation, image and energy in expanding the market; it is your terminal A real martial arts tool to solve practical problems; it is the mental wall that you win and hold the results; it is your hard currency that integrates resources across industries, channels and platforms; it is your own when you are in a weak hour. The most powerful art of war for time. Brands have these, you still feel that the brand is not powerful, not urgent, not difficult.

If you think of brand marketing as just a name, logo, VI, album, advertisement, soft paper, and specialty store, then the misunderstanding is too big. Names, logos, VIs, albums, advertisements, which companies do not have these companies, do they become brands, and which ones have market voices, names, logos, VIs, albums, advertisements are just tangible tools of brands, the essence of brands It is your understanding of the Buddha's devil's way to win the market mind, and establish the right to speak in the market competition by the government, society, consumers.

The difficulty of the brand is obvious. For many years, the solid wood home furnishing industry has not yet established a brand that can be established in the consumer group. Several companies have created high value-added products of the brand, and several brands have reached the level of high-end marketing.

Brand marketing is of course difficult. It takes ten years of hard work, macro and micro knowledge of the requirements of the university officials, political and economics, and the enthusiasm for the need to stay awake, to work hard, to work hard, to read thousands of books, to walk thousands of miles. It is necessary to understand the world, to understand the human condition, to open up the relevant subjects of the project horizontally, to open up the whole process of development of things, to understand the whole process of communication, to grasp the grasp of the millennium, the awl of the giants who need ideas, the need for sophisticated and sophisticated team system operations, and the need for platooning. It is not difficult for the soldiers to line up the line, it is difficult. It is difficult for anyone. It is not difficult, Shi Yuzhu's marketing soft text has to gather a lot of high handwriting in the end of the week before refining one; not difficult, then the whole wood home business network promotion how old still to high-end merchants high-end consumers to play the first brand top ten brands of low-level Games; if it is not difficult, how can companies always hide their own brand stories and products. If you don't read three or more versions of the world's architecture and home art history, and ignore the relationship between life development and high-end demand in this era, you develop a package of so-called Roman, Baroque, neoclassical styles. Fist products, not a big joke is very good, but also hope to hold to touch the consumer. Why do you dominate the whole wood home, why can you build a high-end brand, why do you want to wait until later to do it.

To put it bluntly, if the brand marketing of the whole wood home business does not rise, its products can only achieve a maximum of 80 points, because the accuracy of the higher level of precision has not been achieved, and the achievement of higher standards is not good. The ability of 80 points is the product ability of an excellent follower copyer, and is a product capability that does not qualify for the rule.

Product, production capacity and brand are the current three difficulties in the whole wood. Fortunately, in the current wood-based home industry, at the 2013 Guangzhou Construction Expo, we still saw that some companies are not confused, but have faced the trilemma of good performance, such as "court one product." "High-end shape and high-end temperament." “Jianmu Custom” has a hard time in high-end wood processing, high-end design and craftsmanship. Howley has entered a new level in high-end product design.

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