Zhixing Ruiyu intelligent platform to create a perfect classroom

Zhixing Ruiyu intelligent electronic platform brings a new experience to the field of education. With the cooperation of multiple systems, users can feel a smart, convenient and efficient new experience. What are the structures of the Zhixing Ruiyu intelligent podium?

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1. Electromagnetic writing screen

The Zhixing Ruiyu intelligent platform is equipped with a 22-inch electromagnetic writing screen and is equipped with writing software. It can not only draw on the screen, design drawings, but also annotate documents, writing smoothly and responsively. How to connect the large screen can also be displayed on the same screen, the two screens switch between each other, perfect interactive teaching.

2. Integrated control system

Through a comprehensive control system to control screens, projectors, computers and other external devices, to achieve a key switch, the class is easy.

3. Wireless public address system

2.4G wireless public address system, Bluetooth pairing, no interference, no whistling, easily liberate the teacher's throat, walking freely can transmit sound.

The whole set of electronic podium integrates a variety of equipment as a whole, the desktop is clean and tidy, not only can move casually, but also make full use of space. It solves the problem that the teacher is busy turning on the machine during the class. All devices can be turned on with only one key switch, and various devices can be operated through the LCD panel, which improves the efficiency of lectures.

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