Gorgeous turn from custom closets to custom furniture

Regarding the overall wardrobe, the impression of most people is still on the kind of wardrobe. Then, if you have a wardrobe that is very easy to use, will you expect other furniture in your home to become more suitable for your life needs? Recently, the reporter found in the market that many custom wardrobe brands Invariably, the products have been expanded in terms of products. In the wardrobe brands such as Sofia, Haola, Shi Niman, Bai Desheng, Kefan, Lauka, Novi, etc., in addition to the traditional overall wardrobe, Can see the same series of bookcases, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, sideboards and even bedside cabinets, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and other categories of custom-made furniture... With the booming custom wardrobe industry and the changing market demand, The custom wardrobe industry has quietly stepped out of the wardrobe and completed the gorgeous turn from custom wardrobes to custom furniture.

New material new phase


Horizontal expansion, from custom closets to custom furniture

In the face of the housing prices in the city, for most civilians, nothing is more important than the reasonable use of space. The rational use of space and scientific storage is the fundamental reason for the rise and prosperity of the custom wardrobe industry. However, with the change of lifestyle, the needs of modern people are constantly changing. There are many more than just clothing pillows that need to be properly accommodated in the home. For example, people who love wine may have a large collection of fine wines; those who like to read will have books full of enthusiasm; girls who love beauty have a wide variety of high-heeled shoes, boots, sports shoes, flat shoes, etc... Different hobbies and lifestyles, the requirements for storage and storage are definitely different. How can we find furniture that fits the habits of life to store these treasures? This kind of demand has promoted the development of the overall wardrobe customization service and product categories. Recently, when visiting the custom wardrobe brand store, the reporter found that many wardrobe brands have extended and expanded their own products. In addition to traditional wardrobes and bookcases, wine cabinets, showcases, bedside tables and desks have also been introduced. , a dressing table and a series of customized products. The wardrobe industry's advertising slogan has changed from "customized wardrobe" to "customized home", which means that the custom wardrobe industry has quietly stepped out of the wardrobe, completing the gorgeous turn from custom wardrobe to custom furniture.

“This expansion and transformation is entirely determined by market demand.” Wang Wei, general manager of Sophia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., said that they also found that consumers have such a demand in the process of sales, and then began to carry out related products in the same series. Development. “Two years ago, our new showroom opened. The three-storey exhibition hall was almost all wardrobes and some bookcases. Only the third floor was equipped with a few shoe cabinets. At that time, we found that many guests were very interested in the shoe cabinets, and even Will consult whether you can customize other furniture." The demand means business opportunities. After the market assessment, Sophia decided to expand the product category and launched a series of matching customized products, from bedroom to living room, dining room, entrance, etc. Customers provide a "customize a home" service.

The Siniman wardrobe has also been perfected in the direction of category expansion. For example, in addition to the traditional wardrobe, the bedroom even has a matching bed, bedside table, bedside cabinet and dressing table. In addition to the bookcase, the study has the same style. A series of desks, etc. According to Huang Weiguo, general manager of marketing of Siniman, the mainstream products are still wardrobes, but the sales of other customized products such as wine cabinets, bookcases and bedside tables are gradually increasing, and there is still much room for improvement in the future. In his view, the custom furniture of different categories and functions can adapt to each other's styles, and the function of using them is more powerful, and exerts the overall powerful effect, which will gradually form a trend.

There are also big brands such as Bai Desheng, Kefan and Lauka, and their customized product categories have also expanded from wardrobes to other fields. According to Zhang Jian, general manager of Bai Desheng, the sales center of Bai Desheng is still a wardrobe, but the products such as the shoe cabinet, wine cabinet and console cabinet are also very popular. "Our idea is to take the 'lazy culture' route, especially launched a three-bedroom and two-bedroom custom series, covering wardrobes, bookcases, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets and many other product categories, as far as possible to meet the needs of consumers. However, Zhang Jian believes that there is still a long way to go before the wardrobe industry can truly provide furniture and services for the whole house. Because custom products are different from ordinary furniture, services occupy a very important position, and also need to design, production equipment and software, management and other aspects can be connected, really strong manufacturers can do.


Promote user-friendly design and truly achieve on-demand customization

Of course, the biggest difference between a custom closet and ordinary furniture is its powerful function, reasonable use of space, and on-demand customization closer to individual needs, which is why many people are eagerly awaiting.

Nowadays, the overall custom wardrobes, in addition to the increase in categories and styles, most of the wardrobe designers now also strengthen the treatment of the details of the wardrobe, pay more attention to practicality, more careful consideration of user habits, especially for the storage system The attention and reinterpretation of the show have shown meticulous care for people everywhere. For example, the newly launched "Haina Bai 'wearing" storage system of Sophia Wardrobe, with the core function of "system storage, simplified and simple", through the integration of storage bins, folding boxes, treasure boxes, treasure bags, small trays, A variety of storage accessories, such as a movable pants rack, form a system of storage solutions, thereby maximizing and ordering the storage space of the wardrobe, making the storage of the user's clothes easier and more convenient. Moreover, the newly adopted flexible production line enables Sofia to achieve true on-demand customization, that is, based on the existing products in the exhibition hall, consumers can add and modify the appearance and internality of the product according to individual needs. To better suit the individual's living habits and storage needs. “Now the customer's final customization plan is rarely the same as the showroom display product, and will be changed according to individual needs, truly realizing on-demand customization.”

The gold cabinet wardrobe innovatively divides the wardrobe space into the male master area and the hostess area. Since the ladies generally have more things than men, the space in the male master area is only 40%, and the hostess accounts for 60%. According to the characteristics of men's shirts and suits, the male owner's area is mainly designed with plaid and clothing. It is convenient for the male owner's shirts and other clothing to be placed, as well as the hanging of clothes such as suits and shorts worn in the season. According to the characteristics of coats and coats in women's clothing, the hostess area has increased the area where the clothes are hung.

The Siniman wardrobe also has a good performance in terms of functional details. For example, its "Earl cloakroom" series, through the setting of the Nakajima cabinet, solves the problem of storage and display of small objects such as watches. Each cabinet can be displayed and stored differently. Styles of neckties, watches, and jewelry are convenient for travel and collocation. Not only that, in the wardrobe accessories, customers can also choose drawers, pants racks, lattice racks, hidden push-pull mirrors, key hooks, tie racks, belt racks... You can also divide the hanging area according to the dressing habits (long dress area, Short clothing area), folding area, underwear area, jewelry area, etc. At the same time, some drawers and dark compartments are set up to make it easy for the owner to put some hidden items. The storage design is very careful and thoughtful.

In addition, the smart wardrobes that have appeared in recent years have added many convenient and user-friendly designs, such as automatic door opening and closing. When people approach or leave the door, they will automatically open and close, and have various functions such as moisture absorption, disinfection and sterilization.


Increasingly diversified to meet a variety of residential experiences

Customized wardrobes have always emphasized their powerful storage functions and the rational use of space. Therefore, many custom wardrobes are relatively simple in style compared with the finished wardrobes. For a long time, they have been in modern and simple style. Mainly, in recent years, the styles of Jane, New and Chinese have gradually emerged. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living requirements and aesthetics, only practical products can no longer meet the needs of the majority. For the increasing number of "visual control", the good-looking and easy-to-use wardrobes are more in line with their ideal wardrobe. Requirements.

Still the old saying goes, there will be a market if there is demand. In order to adapt to the diverse living styles of people, many wardrobe brands are beginning to pay more and more attention to product design and development. For example, in 2013, Kefan Wardrobe launched seven series of styles such as “not complicated”, “slow life”, “free mix and match”, “yunshui meditation”, “six-dimensional space”, “European fashion” and “little master”. It covers a variety of styles such as Nordic nature, European classical, new Chinese style, modern color, and cartoon children. In particular, the "Free Mix" series adopts Bauhaus's modern minimalist design method, with simple lines and a bright candy color such as apple green, sea blue and pink in the white tone, which reveals the fashionable fresh taste in the bright.

In the exhibition hall of the Siniman Wardrobe, you can also see its rich style display, from modern luxury style to Nordic forest wind, European pastoral style, to European classical style, very diverse. For example, its "Jane E. Eiffel" series, through the 45 ° oblique angle cross to create a European style of curve beauty and symmetry, the door type can be selected to push the door or cover the door; and its "Jane Euro · Arc de Triomphe" series through the simple The bright lines and twist decorative curves show the beautiful atmosphere of Jane... The colors, collocations, accessories, door types and categories are all freely selectable, providing customers with many excellent choices.

Lin Tao, general manager of Kefan wardrobe, believes that the modern people's life quality is constantly improving, and they are paying more and more attention to the home living environment. It is completely normal for different people to choose different styles of decoration, which also proposes the design of the custom wardrobe. A very high demand. “Especially custom-made wardrobes are mostly female consumer groups. They are more inclined to meet the visual needs. They don’t know the details of the products. In this case, the wardrobe companies can’t just pay attention to the products as they used to. Intrinsic functions and details must be both internal and external to be recognized by consumers."

Consumer response

Custom furniture is convenient and easy to operate, and the price is too high to accept

The custom-made products such as custom-made wardrobes have been well-known in recent years. The custom-made exhibition areas independently opened in the building materials exhibition, as well as the crowds of people in the annual wardrobe exhibition can explain this. This is mainly due to the rational use of space in the custom closet and the strong storage function that is increasingly recognized by consumers. So, when customizing more than just wardrobes, but also including other furniture, what kind of attitude does the consumer have?

In the interview, most consumers have a positive attitude towards custom furniture, which is convenient and easy to save, but it is also generally considered that the price of customized products is too high, which is a bit unacceptable. The consumer’s home has always used custom wardrobes. “I have not paid attention to other customized products before. If the economic conditions permit, I may also choose to customize other furniture.” She said in an interview that the custom products are relatively The finished product has its own advantages, for example, it can make full use of the space, and can also be adjusted according to the needs of the owner. For small and medium-sized units, these functions are very practical. “And I feel that if you can customize the matching furniture, on the one hand, you can save time in selecting furniture, save time and trouble; on the other hand, the style and color of the whole room will be more coordinated, so you don’t have to think about it.” However, She also believes that the price of custom furniture is too high. "The wardrobe is so expensive. If it is customized for the whole house, I don't know the price to go, I am afraid it is not affordable for ordinary people."

Mr. Wang believes that the price of custom-made wardrobes is generally high, and custom furniture will certainly not be low, because custom-made products are definitely more expensive than mass-produced products. "The problem is here. The small ones are usually customized. The villas are not so concerned about the utilization of the space, so it is very likely that the people who need it can't afford it, and the people who can afford it don't need it." A consumer, Ms. Li, said in an interview that custom furniture can make rational use of space, but most of the wardrobes, bookcases, wine cabinets, etc. that are designed into the wall are very inconvenient to move. "The price is so expensive, moving and taking it away." It is only suitable for long-term residences. In addition, she also suggested that if the whole house furniture is customized in large quantities, the environmental safety of the materials used for custom products must pass, otherwise it may bring serious indoor air pollution, which is not good for the family. Good health.

Reporter's notes

Achieve differentiated competition, avoiding all kinds of proficiency

With the rapid development of the custom furniture industry, the overall wardrobe industry is also highly competitive and changing with each passing day. If a wardrobe enterprise wants to grow in a highly competitive market, especially if the wardrobe brand is numerous and the homogenization is serious, it will undoubtedly have more difficulty. Especially in today's increasingly mature home furnishing industry, the era of simply fighting prices is gone forever.

Wardrobe enterprises must break through this dilemma, which requires enterprises to embark on a differentiated development path. Differentiation development requires enterprises to be different. Whether it is a brand or a product or a marketing model, if there is innovation, the exclusive style of the overall wardrobe enterprise will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

For example, the current custom product category expansion of many wardrobe companies has expanded from bedroom to living room, dining room, study room and even the whole house. As a result, the major wardrobe brands are not only competitive within the industry, but also Formed cross-industry competition. As one industry insider said, it used to be rushed to eat with the decoration company. Now it is eating food with finished furniture. Competition within the industry and competition across industries have put forward higher requirements for many wardrobe companies, not only to differentiate themselves in the industry, but also to differentiate their advantages from finished furniture. On the one hand, the enterprise itself must have a clear positioning. The corporate brand should be unique among many brands. It is necessary to find its own advantages through the differentiation of positioning, so as to concentrate on seizing its own territory and find its own survival and development. Space; on the other hand, the positioning of the enterprise must be refined, the so-called "specialization of the industry", everything is easy to become a loose, custom wardrobe brand must understand the choice of their own brand, will be in Stand out from the competition.

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