Well-known home furnishing companies such as IKEA have been fined for furniture flame retardants

Before the furniture fans reported a lot of news about the flame retardant in the United States, this time it was really good! California is the only state in the United States with a flame retardant standard. In March of this year, California is already considering new furniture flame retardant regulations. Recently, a monitoring agency in Berkeley, Calif., has sued IKEA, JC Penney (Jessie Penny, US department store chain), Kmart (Kmart, Inc., world-renowned shopping site, the largest discount retailer in the US and the world's largest More than 30 sales companies, including one of the wholesalers, sued for the sale of furniture containing a large amount of flame retardant to consumers, in violation of California’s Proposition 65, which has agreed to pay a total of 230 A civil penalty of 10,000 dollars.

Proposition 65 requires the government to maintain and continuously update carcinogens and toxic substances that affect fertility, and to require manufacturers to provide warnings when they include more than one list of toxic substances in their products.

On behalf of the public, the lawsuit was filed by The Chanler Group, which accused the 35 companies of not selling to consumers the soft pack chairs, car cushions and other foam-filled products in California, which did not indicate to consumers that their products contained TDCPP or TCEP. A flame retardant that can cause cancer, which violates consumer safety laws.

This month and last month, many claims applications have been sent to the Alameda County High Court. Many defendant companies have agreed to stop selling any furniture in California unless the toxic content of these furniture meets the required standards. The law firm pointed out that more than 100 companies will be prosecuted for similar reasons next month.

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