The mahogany furniture fights the price-performance era, and the mid-range products are favored.

According to the reporter's understanding, the original quiet redwood market has seen many new actions in the near future: Zuohai Furniture has newly established Redwood City, Xiangguang Furniture City in Fuzhou Second Ring Road, newly opened Redwood Hall, Asiatic Furniture City just upgraded the Redwood Pavilion in April...not only In this way, some local furniture cities are also preparing to re-upgrade the mahogany pavilion and expand the proportion of mahogany furniture in the furniture city.

According to industry sources, the proportion of the Redwood Pavilion has increased, which is directly related to the sales of mahogany furniture this year. After careful study, mahogany furniture has got rid of the high attitude of the past, put down the body, and entered the market with the approachable mid-range products, which has become a major reason for the recent popularity of the mahogany market.

However, in the face of rising pressure on the cost of raw materials, can mahogany furniture continue to enter the market and become popular in the market?

Market rosewood franchise increased

“Fuzhou’s mahogany hall has grown up!” Recently, Mr. Chen, who has been engaged in the management of mahogany furniture for more than a decade, told reporters that since the beginning of the year, Fuzhou’s local furniture city has been active in the field of mahogany furniture.

In this regard, the reporter visited a number of home stores in Fuzhou. At the beginning of the year, Zuohai Furniture made the largest adjustment in 11 years, with the “5000 square meters of super large-scale professional mahogany city” as the signboard for the city; on March 15th, Xiangguang Furniture City added 600 square meters in the urban Wanbao business district. Redwood Boutique Pavilion; At the end of April, the 5,000-square-meter Redwood Culture City in Asia Furnishing Plaza was re-opened, and the Hongfa Redwood, one of the top ten redwood brands in Guangdong, was upgraded. During the May 1st period, Yongji Redwood, which has more than ten years of experience in design, R&D and manufacturing, also launched value-added reward activities to attract popularity through small holidays.

30% increase in sales

The importance of the home store to the Redwood Pavilion is inseparable from the rising sales.

It is understood that the mahogany market experienced a low valley in the second half of 2012, and it quickly warmed up after the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. As of May 1st, compared with the same period last year, the sales volume increased by about 30%. Among them, the increase of mahogany furniture in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 sets is the most obvious. "I think the furniture made by Burmese rosewood is quite good, the pattern is good, the color difference is not big, the price is not high, and the working class can afford it. It is quite good." A buyer from Zuohai Furniture Store told reporters.

Chen Guanghui, general manager of Asia Furniture City, told reporters that from the perspective of product sales, mid-range products such as Burmese rosewood, African rosewood, and South American rosewood are sold faster and demand is larger. "At present, the price of a set of solid wood furniture is more than 10,000 yuan, and the price of a six-piece set of medium-grade mahogany furniture is more than 20,000 yuan. If you spend more money, you can buy more quality mahogany furniture. The price/performance ratio makes mahogany furniture more popular."

Interpretation of hedge demand

Take Burmese rosewood as an example. A set of five-piece seats in Ming style is about 30,000 yuan in 2012. This year, it has increased slightly by 10% to 33,000 yuan. In addition, mahogany furniture as a kind of "Chinese culture" has both practicality and cultural connotation, and its value-keeping function is also a great tool to attract consumers' attention.

"A set of five or sixty thousand leather sofas, no matter how to maintain, used for five or six years, how much wear and tear, it will be devalued. But the redwood is not the same. A set of five or six thousand mahogany furniture, used five or six In the year, basically no major wear and tear will occur. Under normal circumstances, the recycling price will not be greatly reduced. Because the redwood is properly used, it will produce a certain amount of pulp, which is naturally formed, and the color is more mellow and better." Xiangguang Furniture Zheng Yuru, deputy general manager of the city, said.

“Under normal circumstances, mahogany furniture has an annual increase of 5%~10%, and the raw materials of mahogany are also scarce, which also has a certain value preservation function.” Many furniture city directors told reporters to buy mahogany Among the consumers of furniture, many of them are worthy of the preservation function of mahogany.

Cost-effective products cater to the public

In general, the range of mahogany furniture is relatively wide, such as high-end mahogany such as lobular rosewood and large-leaf rosewood, and a set price of hundreds of thousands of people makes people feel that mahogany furniture is unattainable.

At present, the sales of mahogany furniture are mostly mid-end varieties. For example, chicken wings like a table of seven sets of eight thousand yuan, South American rosewood six sets of more than 10,000 yuan, African rosewood ten sets of more than 30,000 yuan ... these prices in the market and solid wood furniture.

"Redwood furniture has entered the era of cost-effective competition." Zuohai Furniture City Liao said frankly, the high-end mahogany investment function, the mahogany furniture launched on the market is more cost-effective, suitable for ordinary consumers. “After all, high-end demand is limited, and as a high-end product, Redwood, in order to expand demand in the current market, also needs to make some changes and concessions in price and materials to attract more consumers.”

Market segment demand

In addition to the increase in market demand, is there any other reason for local furniture to enter the mahogany market on a large scale?

Some people in the industry told reporters that the emergence of mahogany-themed mahogany pavilion is the inevitable result of further segmentation of the furniture store. “With the entry of well-known brand stores such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home, the regional pattern of Fuzhou furniture market has gradually formed and has entered a new stage of brand competition. Consumers have begun to have higher requirements for home stores. ."

As a local furniture city, in order to take advantage of the fierce market competition, it is necessary to play a special card.

Mr. Chen, a member of the industry, further explained: “The mid-end mahogany furniture has received a lot of attention from many stores as a growing consumer category. The reason is that we want to separate this part of the demand and dig deeper. Positioning is clear, market segmentation Use professional services to attract consumers and establish a reputation for consumerism."

The market price rises steadily

According to the reporter's understanding, the China Forest Products Association recently announced that from June 12, 2013, Siamese rosewood will be listed as an international second-level protected wild plant, which will restrict import and export and become a scarce wood species in the future. Industry insiders estimate that the price of Siamese rosewood raw materials will rise rapidly.

In addition, due to the ban on the export of high-end mahogany raw materials in some countries in Southeast Asia, the price of wood began to rise from the end of last year. Among them, the wood with more obvious increase is the high-end material in Southeast Asia, such as Laoshan red rosewood, which has increased by about 10%, but the price of the lower-end African huanghuali wood is relatively stable.

Will this change in the rosewood raw material market affect the next mahogany furniture market?

“The finished mahogany products currently on the market are still processed from the logs of last year's stocks, and there will be no price increase, but the price of furniture that is newly started must rise.” The industry expects that the mahogany furniture market will continue this year. 5%~10% increase.

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