Several factors affecting the sound insulation of doors and windows

Due to the need to open the soundproof windows and doors, the doors and windows are thinner than the wall, and the sealing performance of the opening components forms an overall bottleneck of the sound insulation effect. Ordinary glass and insulating glass are inefficient in sound insulation due to the penetration of sound waves and the acoustic wave matching effect of the conventional hollow glass and the resonance low valley. The laminated sound insulation window, for different noise sources, the system considers all the factors affecting the sound insulation effect, and selects different profiles and different combination glasses in a targeted manner, fully considering the needs of different users.

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Several factors affecting the sound insulation of doors and windows

1. The profile frame should have a high stiffness and a good degree of sealing.

2, made of double or multi-layer glass, the glass plate should be tightly embedded in the elastic pad to prevent vibration of the damping plate surface.

3, the surrounding border should be done to absorb sound.

4, the need to use different thickness of glass, in order to stagger the frequency of the anastomosis effect, weaken the effect of the anastomosis effect.

5. It is necessary to select high-strength brand door and window profiles and hardware to make the soundproof window reach a longer service life.

Install soundproof windows to make your existing indoor noise meet or exceed the country's most static environmental standards.

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