Hydraulic cold press operation precautions

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before operating the machine to understand its performance and correct operation method.

2. A reliable grounding device must be connected before the machine is connected to the power supply.

3. The power cord of the machine tool must be connected to the power supply with the protection switch, and check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are suitable.

4. Before operating the machine, you must first confirm whether the motor is running in the correct direction. Otherwise, you must change the wiring position of the power phase line.

5. Before operating the machine tool, first check whether the safety protection devices are normal, whether the components are loose or damaged, otherwise they should be adjusted and replaced in time to ensure their normal functions. And remember to move all the tools away.

6. When operating the machine tool, wear tight clothes. It is strictly forbidden to wear loose clothes or wear ties, watches, bracelets, etc. For those who have long hair, wear a work cap to cover long hair.

7. When the machine is running, all safety guards cannot be removed or opened without authorization.

8. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the job.

9. It is strictly forbidden to machine workpieces beyond the original design function of this machine and accessories that use functions beyond the design of this machine.

10, poor physical condition or the operation of the machine is strictly prohibited after drinking.

11. The total power supply of the machine must be cut off before checking, repairing and cleaning the machine.

12. The main power supply must be cut off after the machine has been operated, and the standby bed can be completely stopped before it can leave.

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