Anti-Autumn Dry Muscle 4 Moisturizing Foundation Cream

  Turning into the winter, the skin becomes more and more dry. At this time, it is easy to remove makeup with powder makeup, and the liquid foundation girl is too troublesome, so the foundation cream came into being. It is the first choice for many women because it is more convenient than the powder and the moisturizing of the liquid foundation. I recommend several foundation creams for everyone today.

Against autumn and winter dry muscles 4 moisturizing foundation cream

1, Chanel CHANEL youthful radiance powder cream SPF15PA++

The texture is super delicate, with perfect skin-friendly properties. The unique formula has developed a very fine moisturizing texture, which can provide immediate fresh and all-weather moist and comfortable feeling, and create a service makeup that is instantly blended into the skin surface. It delivers a comfortable, natural and breathable skin tone. The unparalleled lightness of the cream combines with the clearing of the powder and the moisturizing of the lotion. It is composed of 1/4 of water, giving the skin an unspeakable hydration and refreshing feeling.

Against autumn and winter dry muscles 4 moisturizing foundation cream

   2, honey Buddha / MaxFactor touch foundation cream

Unique curiosity and water-sensing technology, the effect of “looking like cream, touching water, makeup like fog” will bring you new visual and tactile shocks that have never been seen before. Containing a balanced moisturizing factor to lock in the loss of moisture, the face is full of full water, and it can continue to fill and hydrate all day long. The complexion looks thin and transparent, smooth and soft like silk satin, like immersion in moisture. charming.

Against autumn and winter dry muscles 4 moisturizing foundation cream

3, Pui Ling Fei Benefit flawless foundation cream (light color)

This is a clear, natural, oil-free invisible foundation cream that effectively refines pores, fine lines and small flaws on the face. The exclusive technology of creamy powder makes the makeup look more even and natural. What is more worth mentioning is that it is suitable for any skin color, can create a perfect nude makeup effect, and make the skin look natural and silky like skin. quality. Use it all the time, it will make you beautiful in an instant.

Against autumn and winter dry muscles 4 moisturizing foundation cream

4, Bobby Brown / BobbiBrown Soft Foundation Cream

Unique oil-free formula, no artificial fragrance, suitable for neutral, oily and mixed oily skin. After rubbing, the skin tone is naturally thin, the makeup is docile, and the oil in the T-shaped part can be controlled. Zhexia super power is also very durable, even if the weather reheat Tuozhuang, small package, easy to carry.

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