Teach you how to make up without makeup - make makeup look lasting

In the face of sometimes sudden makeup removal makeup, is it very embarrassing, then how to make makeup will not happen like this. Then you have to pay attention to the details, let's take a look at it.

Always wash your face before applying makeup. Apply moisturizing cotton pad on your cheek for two to three minutes. T-shaped part can be patted with astringent water. Use small molecule hyaluronic acid serum to grasp the water, then use both oil control. Moisturizing lotion, eye gel can be selected from the eye area, not only refreshing, but also easy to color.

Teach you how to make up without makeup - make makeup look lasting

For oily skin, first wipe the sunscreen cream. After five minutes, gently press on the tissue to absorb excess oil. Choose a long-lasting foundation with a refreshing texture. Wait for three minutes and then press it again with a tissue.

Teach you how to make up without makeup - make makeup look lasting

When the seasons alternate, the skin tends to be itchy and the makeup is difficult to maintain. The skin that lacks water is not easy to hold makeup, so do a good job of moisturizing before applying makeup, so that the skin is moist, do not use pearlescent foundation, because pearl example The reflection is easy to peel off the skin that was originally dry. After gently brushing the powder, use a moisturizing spray. After the water is dried, press it with your palm, so that the makeup is more docile.

Eye makeup is the easiest to spend. Try some moisturizing lotion, wipe off the traces of makeup and mascara under the eyes, then add a concealer that is specially designed to deal with Otaru, and then gently pat it. Honey powder, this is much cleaner.

Teach you how to make up without makeup - make makeup look lasting

After applying mascara for a long time, mascara can easily fall off. At this time, you should use the lashes first to remove the moisture on the lashes, so that the mascara can last longer.

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