Adhesive-free film advantages

The usual coating is in the form of a glue coating, such as a solvent-based glue. Hydrogel and hot melt adhesive are pre-coated on the film for hot pressing. The non-adhesive film is different from this, it does not use the conventional biaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP), but the use of high-pressure polyethylene as the main material of the PE film, because the PE film has better hot melt and plasticity . After a special strong treatment on one side of the PE film, the PE film was heat-seal composited on the color printing paper with a glueless laminating machine.

This non-adhesive film can withstand rubbing and does not foam, can withstand the temperature of 20 ~ 120 °C, and can stand rolling, cutting and so on. A layer of auxiliary material is interposed between the heat roller and the PE film, and is passed through the non-adhesive film laminator, and the film-covered product is then removed from the auxiliary material. Due to the different materials used, the same PE film can be used to make the film. Matt film, laser film and other film products.

The advantages of this technology are very obvious, because there is no glue, which greatly reduces the cost; there is no harmful gas that is easy to volatilize and infiltrate in the production to ensure safety; the test proves that it is easy to recycle; the thickness of the crucible used in this technology is low, In the hot-melt state, the thickness of the glue is lower than the thickness of the glue-covered glue layer, so that only a small amount of pressure is needed during the operation and no need to wipe off the powder. The non-adhesive film technology is a process innovation for the existing PE film on the market.

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