Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips

Elegant brown blush, smudged on the cheeks, so that the face lines give a fake three-dimensional round, gray is a solemn eye makeup, the noble temperament will undoubtedly show. The nude lips are matched with neat beribles, and the sweet smile is warm and friendly.

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips


In order to fill the eyebrows or extend the eyebrows of excessive plucking, you can use the eyebrow pencil alone or use the method of “first use the eyebrow pencil to apply powder”. First use the eyebrow pencil matching your eyebrow color to imitate the original eyebrow shape and gently draw a stroke. If you use eye shadow, choose the eye shadow that matches the color of the hair and eyebrows. Then use a hard, flat, angled eyebrow brush , take a small amount of eye shadow to remove excess powder, start from the inside of the eyebrows, gently apply eye shadow, and then gradually apply all the eyebrows.

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips

Straight nose

After applying the foundation on the face, evenly apply dark brown eye shadow powder from the nose to the brow, and evenly apply brown eye shadow powder on both sides of the nose. Then, according to the principle of “bright color enlargement”, a bright eye shadow powder is applied along the bridge of the nose.

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips

Elegant eye makeup

Eyeliner should be drawn along the eye shape, using eyeliner gel. The corners of the eyes are finely crafted, so it is best to use eyeliner. To deepen the portrayal of the eye makeup, you should choose a high-definition eyeliner gel, and the eyeshadow can be covered with a beige eye shadow, then use a gray eye shadow layer to spread, not too heavy, the edge of the eye shadow to smudge. The lower eyelid is smudged with a beige eye shadow.

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips

Romantic blush

From the highest point of the cheeks, sweep up to the temple, then brush down from the point to the bottom, and then brush down the temple to the side of the chin, sweeping out the healthy atmosphere.

Three-dimensional makeup

Apply T-zone, under the eyes and chin with highlights to create a three-dimensional look. Apply the repair powder to the edge of the cheeks, from the outside to the inside, until the chin, draw a "3-" shape.

Elegant and elegant ladies' makeup, novice makeup tips

Famous lips

The lip makeup uses a light pink lipstick, and then the nude lip gloss is applied, which is natural and pure. If the color of the lips is dull, you can gently press a layer of foundation and then apply lipstick to make the effect even more brilliant.

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