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Today, I will share with you a few tips for choosing skin care products or cosmetics: 1. Don't pay too much attention to the price of the product. I feel that spending more money is to love myself and love my skin. Because some money may be spent on brand packaging and promotion, your skin may not fall; 2, it is best to pick a specific effect. Use skin care products as well as people, step by step, don't bother, don't think that relying on the same product can solve all problems, let you become a fairy; 3, use skin care expensive, insist on fishing for two days You must not be able to make a dream of becoming a fairy, so don't be overly obsessed with and rely on products that can make your skin super good, because the faster you can use it, the faster it will fail when you don't use it. This is not good for your skin.


After sharing some tips on choosing skin care products, I would like to recommend a very good facial cleanser recently discovered - Dabao Refreshing Moisturizing Cleanser. Dabao, a very close-knit brand, believes that everyone is familiar with it without me. But many of the friends around me are still limited to Dabao SOD honey. In fact, other products in their homes are also very good.

Today's recommendation for everyone is this Dabao's cleanser. The bottle of the new packaging adopts the green and healthy green. It is not a gimmick, but wins by quality and word of mouth. This is the confidence of the old brand, which is my favorite. A very important point of Dabao.

Most of us go through our lives eating potato chips without ever stopping to think about the bag that they come in. Potato chip bags? Well, I`m not going to explain to you why those bags are only half full but rather why the packaging itself is far more interesting than is apparent at first glance. You see, everybody knows that the packaging does have a significant impact on the taste of the food (amongst other things like the longevity and the marketability of the product)

When you take a moment to consider the many functions that chip packaging must provide, the complexity of the bag and its materials actually makes a lot of sense. The bag must be able to protect the contents from environmental moisture; otherwise, you`d have soggy chips every time you packed a bag in your lunchbox with an icepack or cold drink. On the other hand, you don`t want grease leaking through the bag and getting all over the place. And let`s not forget that fats are very vulnerable to absorbing unwanted odors and tastes.

The reason why those bags are rather complex is because they are supposed to keep contaminants and moisture outside while simultaneously preventing the leaching of it`s own components. So how exactly are they doing it? With multiple layers of polymer materials. The bag itself consists of various layers of polymers and a thin layer of aluminum foil which acts as an oxygen barrier.


Potato Chips Packaging needs to be strong enough to withstand normal handling, but still be easy to open when you`re ready to dig in. All the materials used must be food-safe and approved by the government, so they have to be things that won`t leach chemicals into the chips. To top it all off, the package design has to be attractive and informative so that consumers will choose your brand of potato chips out of the dozens of options available.

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