Corrugated board index guarantee pressure

In order to control the amount of glue, the glueing device should first be accurately measured and adjusted. Too small clearance will cause the two rollers to rub and damage the rubberized anilox roller, resulting in irreparable consequences and failure to produce properly. Therefore, care must be taken when adjusting, and the expansion deformation of the corrugating roller after it is heated must be taken into consideration. Therefore, adjustments must not be made with undue haste.

The gap between the adhesive anilox roller and the scraper roller on the single-sided machine gluing roller must be the same, and the slightest error is not allowed. Otherwise, due to the amount of glue applied, the uneven moisture content of the cardboard will cause the cardboard to be uneven. Inconsistent deformation on both sides, the board will produce a unilateral bending, causing trouble to the next process. The space between the rubberized anilox roller and the corrugating roller must be the same except that the two ends must be the same, and the proper gap between the two rollers should be controlled. If the gap is too large, the coating will be poor and the local foaming and adhesion will be poor: due to the corrugating roller The line speed of the coated anilox roller does not match during operation.

The entire production process of corrugated board is inextricably linked with the pressure. Pressing the corrugated board requires pressure, and the bonding between paper and paper also requires pressure to complete. Therefore, the appropriate pressure is an important guarantee for the manufacture of high-quality corrugated cardboard. The pressure between the corrugating roller and the pressure roller should be controlled at about 0.4Mpa under normal conditions, but it should be controlled flexibly depending on the quality of the paper. The grade of good paper is made of pure pulp or wood pulp. Raw materials, so the tightness is tight, after the glue is difficult to penetrate into the paper fiber. Therefore, the pressure should be greater: The raw materials for the low-grade paper are basically waste paper and recycled paper, and the physical indicators are all poor. If the pressure is too high, the damaged fibers of the paper will even break the paper, and the adhesive strength should be ensured in the actual production. Under the premise of the paper, the pressure of the pressure roller is properly adjusted according to the quality of the paper.

The gap between the rubberized anilox roller and the scraper roller in the double-layer glue applicator should also ensure that the two heads are the same and there can be no slightest error. However, the gap between the coated anilox roller and the platen roller should normally be reduced by about 0.30mm according to the thickness of the two layers of cardboard. Therefore, we must carefully and strive to be precise when adjusting the gaps of the glue coating devices. At the same time, we should strictly control the amount of glue applied. The glue application area must be controlled within the width of 1 to 1.5 mm of the corrugation peak, otherwise it will not only increase production. Cost, and the quality of the product is not satisfactory. The gap is too large will cause poor glue and cause waste: the gap is too small will make the corrugated paper contact with the adhesive anilox roller too much and make the corrugated paper more than the actual need of the glue when the glue is applied. When the board enters the drying tunnel, the corrugated board will be flattened and collapsed by the action of the gravity roller to make the board thinner and softer.

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