Wasted plastic bottle processing chaotic situation

The processing of used plastic bottles has been in a state of extensive operation. Many small workshops and individuals are secretly engaged in the processing of waste plastic bottles. Waste plastic bottles are made into granules and a large number of them flow back to the plastic bottle blowing market. Because the price of these plastic bottle particles is much cheaper than the new material on the market. Therefore, in order to save blow molding costs, many plastic bottle companies will purchase some of the old materials and secretly add new materials. This poses a serious hazard to the plastic bottle market, especially the packaging of food bottles. Because these old materials have not undergone rigorous processing and testing, many of them have problems such as bacterial contamination, which has caused serious damage to people's food safety.

In addition, the price of waste plastic bottles exists in the form of small workshops, and the processing scale and mechanical configuration are very low-end. There is no basic treatment capacity for sewage, and a large amount of sewage flows directly into the farmland, endangering the environment and people's production and life. The management of these waste plastic bottle processing shops has reached a moment of urgency. We hope relevant departments can strengthen supervision from various channels to ensure a safe market and production environment.

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