Learn to paint a feminine smoky makeup

Smoky makeup

The charming and touching eyes will definitely increase your charm index. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to a feminine smoky makeup painting, pink lipstick and the same color blush to create a young temperament, coupled with natural hearty rough eyebrows and smoked small eyeshadow, let you attend the party, Every occasion, such as a banquet, can attract everyone's attention. Come and learn together now.

Smoky makeup

Tempting smoke

Apply a light-colored eye shadow to the upper eyelid to make the best makeup over the perfect micro-matte color. Then use a darker color eye shadow to apply from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, about 1/2 of the eyelids, so that the eyes are immediately magnified several times, becoming deep and beautiful.

Use a dark eye shadow close to the root of the eyelashes to smudge up, the area is about 1/3 of the eyelids, and increase the end of the eye, then lightly stick to the root of the lower eyelashes to make the effect of the eyeliner. Finally, use bright eye shadow to brighten the highest point of the eyeball and the position below the brow bone, so that the eye makeup is light and appropriate, and the level is full, no matter from any angle.

Smoky makeup

Charming eyebrow makeup

Fill the gap between the eyelashes and the eyelashes with a squat and a fine eyeliner, so that the eyeliner and the eye shadow can be perfectly blended, and the farewell and blunt. Gently draw the eyeliner from the eye to the end of the eye, and extend it at the end of the eye and gently straighten it up to make the eye shape more open.

Use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelash curler in three sections, then apply the mascara base cream from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes with the white primer of the stunning emollient mascara. Then use mascara to brush the eyelashes in Z shape. If you want to use the long and thick effect, you can apply it repeatedly 3 times, then erect mascara to apply the eyelashes.

Smoky makeup

Pink lips

Focus on the laughing muscles, use the blush brush to draw a proper amount of blush and no blush to smear, and draw a round bud with blush, so that the good color is just natural. Moisturize your lips with lip balm and apply it to your lips with a moisturizing lip balm. The pink lipstick will make your lips look gorgeous.

Finally, use a lip brush to gently brush the lips to make the lip color more even, and the two corners of the mouth should be carefully drawn, so that the lip shape will become more full.

Smoky makeup

You're done. No matter what angle, it is an innocent and delicate makeup.

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