Affordable mid-range consumption of four 3000 yuan wardrobe recommended

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Summer is coming, the girls are wearing short skirts, but the clothes facing the full cabinet are really hurting the brain. If you have a comfortable and stylish and large-capacity wardrobe, it is good. I would like to recommend 4 wardrobes with a price of 3,000 yuan.

[Recommended one]: fresh and elegant style


Product Name: All Friends Furniture Bright Color Series 81603-1 Five-door Wardrobe

Product specifications: 2110*580*2140

Design: white and blue

This is a five-door design wardrobe with artificial panels, which is resistant to cold and heat, with a smooth surface and no wrinkles. Suitable for the modern urban youth decoration style, simple and beautiful, without losing youthful vitality.

[Recommended 2]: Modern minimalist style

Mid-range wardrobe

Product Name: Double Tiger Furniture Double Tiger Furniture XB002 Wardrobe

Design: white light brown

The design of this four-door is simple and clear, and the light-colored print on the cabinet looks elegant and generous. The two semi-circular white shapes are both individual and unobtrusive. The drawer has an anti-collision device, and the partition can be adjusted to any height. It adopts an environmentally-friendly paint surface and leaves no trace after touching.

[Recommended 3]: Fashion classic style

Wardrobe recommendation

Product Name: Red Apple 9217G-70 sliding door wardrobe

Product specifications: 1760*600*2165mm

Design: black and white classic

This classic black and white sliding door design, without a handle, pushes the wardrobe with the help of decorative lines and decorative friction. The internal layout of the cabinet is simple and the storage function is general, which is suitable for single people.

[Recommended 4]: Pure white style


Product Name: All Friends Furniture Silver Age Series 82606 Five-door Wardrobe

Product specifications: 2130 × 580 × 2140mm

Design: white

Pure silver series five-door wardrobe, using artificial board, strong liquid resistance, single color, simple design, suitable for people who like white home.

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