8 bottles of absolutely no stimulating water in the sensitive season

The high and low weather, the dry and violent wind, the various pollen floating in the air... The various unstable factors in the spring make our skin sensitive. In the spring of events, you must have a water that is absolutely unirradiated in your cosmetic bag.

1, dream makeup flower extract whitening conditioning water (moisturizing type) ¥ 155/150ml

Dream makeup flower extract whitening conditioning water (moisturizing type)

The nopal cactus extract and a variety of amino acid ingredients provide moisture to the skin in a timely manner. The synergistic PENTAVITIN-R component helps nutrients penetrate into the skin more quickly and softly, forming a moisturizing protective film for long-term, extremely dry skin. It is a natural moisturizing ingredient from Juwen Island Daffodil, which provides a constant source of moisture for the skin.

2, after the Gongchen enjoy balanced nourishing liquid ¥ 450/150ml

After Gongchen enjoys balanced nourishing liquid

Specially includes Gong Chen Dan (adjusting gas/blood balance), Polygonum multiflorum (improving skin tone), ginseng Cordyceps sinensis (purifying skin), gel-like Korean lotion, bringing light and refreshing feeling and absorption, making horny skin Enjoy the moisture and achieve the best balance.

3, Julie 蔻 chamomile soothing flower water ¥ 245/30ml ¥ 360 / 100ml

Julie, chamomile, soothing flower water

Contains balanced oily skin such as chamomile and a variety of herbal extracts to effectively repair sensitive skin. Gently modulates skin sensitivity while relieving the discomfort of after-sun and dehydrated skin. Instantly soothes sensitive, long-lasting moisturizing and strong skin. Regulates the skin to perfection and establishes a perfect balance of skin.

4, Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden White Gloves Crystal Whitening Dew ¥360/200ml

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden White Gloves Crystal Whitening Lotion

Gently removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface, provides skin with cleansing and pre-conditioning, leaving skin smooth, clean and healthy, with an alcohol-free formula that soothes the skin. Effective and gentle, sensitive skin is also suitable.

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