The darkness of the Beijing furniture market is "new for the old"

Recently, the reporter learned from relevant departments that the old-for-new policy for home appliances was temporarily behind last year, and the Beijing commercial department has been discussing new linkage policies for stimulating consumption. Cheng Hong, deputy mayor of Beijing, pointed out earlier that it is necessary to work hard on “extension, exchange, and joint”, emphasizing “expanding old-for-new commodity categories, and various industries and formats to jointly carry out marketing activities. The consumption of housing and housing-related commodities may become this year’s. Focus."

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce also said in an interview with the media that the new promotion policy will also adopt a "linkage" format to create a better policy environment, but the specific policy content has not yet been announced.

The person further revealed that furniture trade-in may continue the policy of replacing old appliances with old ones. In the joint market, several large-scale furniture retail stores will use several types of common furniture as old-for-new items, subsidize according to the percentage of new product turnover, and set Upper limit.

"trade-in" promotion or long-term promotion

In fact, when the home appliance "old-for-new" is in full swing, furniture manufacturers have already introduced the concept of "trade-in". Actually, the family started the pilot trade-in activities in Beijing last September. Consumers who purchase new furniture can hand over the old furniture to the store for recycling. Regardless of the original price of the old furniture and the old and new, it will be deducted at a discount of 5% of the new furniture turnover.

Subsequently, in the furniture industry, the trend of “old-for-new” was launched, including homes outside the city, Yuexing Home, Red Star Macalline, Jinsheng International Home, as well as red apple furniture and royal furniture brands.

This kind of marketing is generally considered to be a promotion method that the merchants play at a certain stage, and has not been carried out for a long time. However, there are also some merchants who have brought a lot of sales after the trial of furniture "trade-in", and intend to promote it for a long time and try it nationwide.

“These behaviors are relatively fragmented, but through the instigation of business sector policies, this kind of consumer behavior may be further developed. This also conforms to the habit of Chinese people accustomed to concentrated consumption when moving to a new home.” Wang Linpeng, president of the Real House, said .

According to industry insiders, at present, more than 1 million sets of old furniture are eliminated every year in Beijing, which means that 1 million sets of new furniture are needed in the market every year. According to the current market price of at least 3,000 yuan per set of furniture, the market demand for new furniture in Beijing every year. The amount exceeds 3 billion yuan.

Furniture is "new" and ready

The reporter visited some old-fashioned markets in the urban area and found that the old furniture recycling market appeared to be somewhat depressed compared to the old ones. Some buyers have introduced that compared with the sales of new furniture, the old furniture recycling profits are lower, and the merchants are not willing to get involved in this industry, which has caused the situation that the old furniture in the market cannot find the "family".

“Because of the high transportation costs of large pieces of furniture, coupled with the trouble of splitting, the cost of the furniture has exceeded the value of the furniture itself, so the profit of recycling old furniture is low or even lost.” The owner of a junk shop also said, “At present, the old furniture is mostly made up of panel furniture, and the panel furniture is made of particle board or compression board. The wood after dismantling cannot be reused, so people are not willing to recycle.”

“The home appliances that are different from the national policy are trade-in, so whether the furniture can be fully promoted or not, the promotion road is not smooth!” Experts expressed various concerns about the trade-in of furniture.

Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, believes that furniture is different from home appliances and automobiles. Most of the old furniture that has been recycled has not been reused. “Old-for-new can drive consumption, but the recycling of old furniture is currently in a relatively embarrassing situation. After the improvement of rural living standards, it is not necessary to buy old furniture; if it is transported to a poorer area, logistics costs are high. If the business sector is The city’s implementation of furniture trade-in should be considered to solve the problem of recycling old furniture."

Policy technical support is key

Every 5 to 8 years, furniture products will enter the phase-out period. How to recycle used furniture is the key to the promotion of “old-for-new”.

Lin Jiang, a professor at Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University, believes that if the furniture recycling and utilization, improve technology and profitability, not only can increase the enthusiasm of consumers to buy furniture twice, but also drive domestic sales of furniture.

According to the reporter, there is a lot of room for recycling of used and discarded furniture. Taking wooden building materials as an example, waste wood products can be processed to form wooden floors, baseboards, laminate flooring, recycled paper, etc., and finely divided wood can be processed into finger joints, splints, etc., effectively reducing new The amount of wood used.

However, for the recycling of waste furniture, some furniture companies and experts still have concerns.

Zhu Changling said that the recycling of used furniture is still a test for the cost of enterprises. After all, the recycled furniture can be used with relatively few materials, and the recycling of used furniture, such as old-for-new, is gradually becoming more and more Value-added services to gain more loyal market segments. Therefore, the recycling of used furniture should be promoted. At the same time, the company's own efforts are still inseparable from the guidance and support of the policy.

Chen Weijian, assistant general manager of Yusheng Furniture, believes that the cost of recycling furniture for old ones is higher. In addition to logistics and storage costs, the low recycling technology still leads to high recycling costs. Specifically, there is no specific method for recycling fabrics, wood, and the like in current sofas by enterprises. The recycling and recycling of metal furniture and plastic furniture is more likely. Therefore, the technical model of recycling waste furniture is still a major issue.

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