Use the right method to make the beauty work with half the effort

"Washing your face with Taomi Shui?" "Turn the hula hoop thin waist"? "Knocking the scalp with a comb"? For the various beauty methods, which are true and effective, and which are just nonsense? Wrong care methods will only make you farther and farther away from the perfect skin. Now, please take a look at the big eyes and use the right method to make the beauty more effective.



01 “Frequent use of a clean nose stick will only result in a larger pore.”

FALSE. If long-term keratin and sebum that have not been removed in time are present in the pores, it is easy to form blackheads and cause large pores. For blackheads and dirt in the pores, a deep-cleaning nose stick can really help, deep cleansing and absorb excess oil from the pores. However, if the large pores are left unattended for a long time, the pores are easily expanded due to the dual effects of gravity and ultraviolet rays, and eventually the original compact state cannot be restored. In addition, when the sebum secreted from the pores is often treated with a nasal paste, the effect of preventing the pores from becoming coarse can also be achieved. However, it is worth reminding that if the pores are thicker, then any effort is futile. Whether it is with pore essence or other products, the pores cannot be significantly reduced. Although it is impossible to make the innate pores small, but for the large pores formed later, regular pore deep cleansing and nasal care 1-2 times a week can still improve and prevent blackheads.

02 "When you sleep with a light at night, you will have wrinkles on your face."

FALSE. This is a saying that the room has been circulating. It is thought that turning on the light during sleep will cause the skin on the face to wrinkle and wrinkle. Wrinkles are generally formed by both internal and external causes of aging. Exogenous aging is mainly caused by ultraviolet radiation, which causes skin condition to deteriorate, while ordinary bedroom lighting uses almost no UV rays in use. While sleeping, the skin is always relaxed, so this kind of worry is really unnecessary. If you have the habit of turning on the light and sleeping, then it is more worthy of your deep sleep quality than wrinkles.

03 “The thicker the moisturizer is, the more effective it is.”

TRUE. Long-term adherence to the use of moisturizing products to do moisturizing work is a key step in skin care. For ordinary skin, the amount and amount of use of moisturizing products are not very important. However, for skin with problems such as inflammation, the whole body is about 22g, and the application is 4-5 times a day. Most ideal. For healthy skin without special problems, it is best to use it twice a day. Make sure to use a sufficient amount each time to cover the entire face. In addition to ensuring that a sufficient amount of moisturizer is used, the time to use the moisturizer is also critical. In general, moisturizing cream is used within 3 minutes after bathing or after cleansing to achieve the best moisturizing effect.

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