alert! Offensive makeup

Makeup is to make yourself look more attractive and get approval from others. However, there are some makeup disgusting , you must not make the same mistake!

Bloody mouth scared off men

1. Resentment elements: Although the makeup of retro red lips is popular in the fashion world, in fact, most ordinary men in life cannot accept it. The lip color is strong, the lip line is stiff, it looks too old-fashioned, and it robs the radiance of the rest of the face.

2, should do this: men need a pink and natural lips, a little bit of gloss just fine.

3, corrective advice: in the lip makeup, first use lip balm to keep the lips moist, then choose the lip liner close to your lips color gently on the lips, and finally apply lip gloss or high softness lipstick, create Pink and moist lips.

Crimson thick cheeks are like monkey ass

1, anti-inductive elements: blush modification does not change, but do not overdo it! Sometimes not pay attention to the blush will be too heavy, the painted parts are not correct. Red, too large blush will make men immediately think of monkey ass!

2, should do this: natural pink, looks like a good color from the inside. Mature temperament women can choose rosy blush, cute girls choose natural pink.

3, error correction advice: with a large brush can brush out the natural perfect blush. Smile in the mirror, centering on the prominent position of the cheekbone, and brushing the blush from the cheekbone upwards and downwards to make the makeup more vivid and natural.

Eye shadow flying panda eyes

1. Resentment elements: If you don't paint eye shadows, you can use mascara alone! Eye shadow is too heavy, eyeliner is too thick, eyelashes are tangled, eye makeup is too heavy, but it is easy to make eye makeup smudge into panda eyes .

2, should do this: the eyes look more gods, the eyeliner looks natural, the eyelashes roots are clearly curled, the eye shadows are too thick and black.

3. Correction suggestions

a. When creating eye makeup, choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara, or use eyeliner to ensure the long-lasting naturalness of the eyeliner. For tangled eyelashes, use a special eyelash comb to comb.

b. For the eye makeup smudge, you can use the cotton swab to take the liquid foundation and gently wipe the eyeliner and eyeliner on the eye area, and then use the eyeliner to fill the eyeliner of the outer corner of the eye to keep the eyes radiant.

Kangta factory used to be O Bag factory in 2011&2012, O Bag City style was developed in 2017, it is made of EVA material, an expanded plastic material, colored, flexible, resistant and light, with particular 'soft touch' tactility which is cold-tolerant, heat-stable, acid and water resistance and very popular in O bag USA and O bag France.

The Obag body presents 2 holes in each side which makes it easy to customize it with interchangeable accessories (handles, shoulder straps, trim, Inner Bags)

Dimensions: 23cm in height, 38cm in width, 16cm in width, 38cm in length.

This kind of bag is now very popular in Italy, Europe, the USA, Poland, Germany, Mexico even South Africa, India, Japan, Korea, and many other countries, some customers would like to call the bags as " EVA beach bag/Pet Bag".

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