2011 Outdoor Knowledge Season Two: Outdoor Guide for Little Girls

Travel is a gorgeous adventure. Are young adventure-minded women planning to travel recently? Then we must take a look at the guide to the happiness of our little woman. With these guides, let us take a beautiful mood and start calmly!

One: Ready, happy to hit the road

Before you set off, you must enrich the useful information along the route and destination. To understand which places are more dangerous, what are the usual means of defrauding tourists, and then to find a suitable Raiders for you, with these preparations, you will find that you can You omit a lot of unnecessary time and trouble on your way.

The next thing is to start preparing for the necessary items for travel. Here's a brief list of the necessary equipment for travel.

1, backpack according to your body choose a 45-55 liters of the backpack

Suggestion: Most girls choose backpacks only work hard in colors and styles, but they don't know that choosing the backpack is the best way to learn whether the system is suitable for your body. A good bag can adjust the weight distribution on the shoulder and can transfer most of the weight. To the crotch and buttocks, your shoulders will be much easier and more flexible. It can be adjusted at any time based on physical strength and environment. In addition, the girl's shoulder and back are usually narrower than the boys, so even if the same capacity, carrying the system's backpack is suitable for boys and girls, the girl may not be, there is an important problem when buying a backpack is to pay attention to the size of the backpack belt, Many female models ignore this point, and sometimes even if the belt buckle is the tightest but still loose, if the waist is not forced, you just wait and tired! When you buy a backpack, you must go to the store and try it on your back. Your back, waist and hips tell you that it is the most authentic.

2. Costume selection:

When women are outdoors, they cannot choose the fancy and beautiful clothes they wear everyday. Be sure to choose outdoor clothing that is cold and breathable. Because of the change of weather and the versatile outdoor service, you will be able to easily deal with all kinds of weather.

3. Lightweight hiking shoes for hiking shoes

Suggestion: To enjoy the natural taste, it is inevitable to go on all kinds of bad roads. A pair of good hiking or hiking shoes is essential. Although the price is not low, but this kind of investment is worth it, according to the activities of most girls. Intensity, a pair of lightweight hiking shoes is enough to meet all occasions.

4, sleeping bags have cotton sleeping bags and down sleeping bags, according to the season. Temperature scales are commonly found on sleeping bags and can be purchased at the seasonal temperature you want to travel.

Suggestion: This close-fitting thing is best not to borrow someone else's. Besides, sleeping bags are not only warm during camping, but can also be used as sanitary sleepers under certain circumstances. Therefore, the most important thing for sleeping bags is to keep warm, followed by weight, and no matter what the weather is when starting out, the big plastic bag with sleeping bag must be brought, otherwise it will rain cold if the sleeping bag gets wet.

5, headlights light LED headlights

Suggestion: The advantage of the headlights is that you can free your hands and see where they are and where they are. The advantages of LED headlamps are small size, light weight, long lighting time, and they usually only work in camps at night. Therefore, it is sufficient to illuminate the places within 15 meters of the eyes, usually in the bag, and meet the dark corridor. It is also good to look out.

6, other items wash bag

Suggestion: This Dongdong is a must-have for girls. The fully-functional wash bag can hold all the toiletries and cosmetics, and there is a mirror that does not break. As for what you need, you don't need to look at the MM. Confidence in your own skin.

Water equipment

It's not always what ladies do when they are looking for someone to drink water, but it's unsanitary to use other people's tea cups, and it's also cheaper for those who take the initiative to send tea.

A 1.5 litre or 1 litre outdoor kettle is a good choice.

Moistureproof mat

Recommendation: The moisture-proof pad has 3 core functions: comfortable, warm, and moisture-proof. Comfort is to let you have a layer of soft sleeping pads in the rugged mountain wild; warmth is to isolate the body from the cold ground, reduce body heat loss, prevent the ground from cold intrusion; moisture is the isolation of the ground moisture. The main types of moisture-proof mats are: air mattresses, self-inflatable cushions, foam cushions, and I generally choose lightweight, easy-to-carry, moisture-proof pads that are convenient to use.

When a woman goes out, she always waits for her to bring a lot of things. Her needs are all in her head. Let's reduce the burden! The following intimate equipment is specifically for the "backpack crush" intimate tips.

1. Sunscreens must be carried around at any time after a close contact with a tropical sun. Do not think that sunscreen applied before sunrise in the morning can always take care of you to sunset. It is most effective to supplement every two or three hours.

2, shawl shawls on the journey but great accomplishments. When the weather is cold, you can put on your shoulders to block the cold. When the weather is hot, the waist is a beautiful flower skirt. There is also an outdoor picnic, shawls are spread on the grass is a decent tablecloth; at night, large shawls can become sheets, so that your sleep more at ease.

3, small square wrapped in the head is a style of the kind of hat; can be wiped sweat on the wrist sweat towel; you can also be like a western cowboy tied around the neck, definitely cool.

4, perfume perfume with mini installed like, mainly easy to carry. When you are away from home, you can't bring a lot of clothes. You can spray them on repeatedly and you can immediately inspire yourself. In addition, the lodges with arduous conditions and perfumes can also refresh the indoor air.

5, inflatable pillow with an inflatable pillow, not only can the United States and the United States to sleep on the road, but also to avoid falling asleep when the East Shakespeare, always maintain lady style.

6, multi-effect vitamins go out, diet is uncertain, with multi-effect vitamin tablets, a daily supplement of the body needs is a good helper for a healthy journey.

7, mint cream mint cream is really the journey in the panacea: to ease the skin discomfort caused by mosquito bites; to ease the symptoms of colds, nasal congestion, headache, dizziness; to restore sunburn, burns skin damage and moisturizing skin care in autumn and winter season ... ...

8. Pajamas Although pajamas are a bit extravagant for backpackers, they are useful for petty crushes. The pyjamas worn by the backpacks are preferably long-sleeved underwear covers of pure cotton texture, which are soft and sanitary.

9, light slippers come with slippers is also out of consideration for health. If you need to take a long-distance bus or train for a long time, you can also put on slippers and let your tired feet relax.
10. Underwear for women In order to increase their support, most of them have steel rings. Such underwear can make women more beautiful and confident in daily life, but it is not suitable for climbing and other outdoor sports. I use a very good underwear, very intimate small supplies. Completely meet the needs of outdoor travel. The underwear worn during outdoor sports should have the following characteristics: breathable and quick-drying, non-cotton is preferably 100% polyester, and contains Leica; no rims, moderate elasticity at the bottom, and good fixation; no padding, but not too much Thin, single-layer vest sports underwear although comfortable, but affect the appearance, but make women uncomfortable; adjust the length of the shoulder strap buckle to be in the back, because in front of the shoulder strap will be very pressure, of course, of course, It is best not to adjust the buckle; choose the shoulder strap for the x-type, so it is not easy to slide off due to excessive movement.

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