2011 Summer Skin Sunscreen Raiders

Street sling skirts gradually embellished with summer romance. At the same time as welcoming the long-awaited summer, how to protect the skin from UV rays has become a top priority for MMs. Here, we collect the latest information on UV protection for everyone, and prepare two sets of summer sun protection preparation programs according to local conditions, so that you can enjoy the summer at any time and any place.
2011 Sun Protection Information
Sun protection is not just for whitening
At the same time that the concept of "to whiten the sun first" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many people mistakenly believe that sun protection is only something that those who are keen on whitening need to care about. In fact, for the skin, sun protection is not just about avoiding being tanned. The study found that 80% of skin aging factors are caused by photoaging caused by ultraviolet radiation. A series of skin problems such as pigmentation, dryness, roughness and sagging skin may be the manifestation of skin aging. Based on this, this season, the beauty industry is more inclined to let everyone know more about the importance of sunscreen to the skin from the perspective of “resistance to light aging”.
Following the previous wave of whitening and sunscreen combination, the addition of anti-aging ingredients has also become a hit in this season's sunscreen products, such as Lancome, Chanel, Shiseido, etc., which have launched a simultaneous anti-aging repair effect. How can the sunscreen ingredients be better combined with the anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing and other maintenance ingredients, and the effect of 1+1>2 is still to be seen.
UVA is the culprit of light aging
UVA protection has been gradually emphasized in recent years, and this season, the importance of UVA protection to the skin has been further highlighted. In the ultraviolet rays directly radiated to the human body, UVA accounts for 95%. Although UVB can cause acute sunburn such as redness and inflammation of the skin, it mainly acts on the surface of the skin and is usually isolated under effective outdoor light protection or indoors. Although UVA does not cause skin damage seen by the naked eye, it will penetrate deep into the dermis layer, which not only darkens the complexion, but also causes the skin to age. What is even more frightening is that UVA will exist regardless of the weather in all seasons, and it can even shine through the glass into the room or inside the car. Therefore, in order to truly protect your skin from UV damage, you must have both UVA and UVB protection. At the same time, L'Oréal has been tested to confirm that the amount of UVA in Asia is generally higher than in Europe. For example, under the same seasonal conditions, Shanghai receives 2.6 times more UVA exposure than Paris, France. Therefore, for Asian women, UVA protection can not be ignored.
Do you know the new sunscreen?
UVA: Perhaps many people have discovered that the UVA logo has appeared on some brands of sunscreen packaging. This logo was developed by the European Cosmetic and Cosmetic Association (COLIPA) and represents a product that is truly effective against UVA. The condition for obtaining this mark for sunscreen products is to control the numerical ratio of PPD to SPF within a range of 1/3 or more to ensure more effective protection against UVA.
Indoor sun protection
For most people, the so-called sunscreen is just an additional process that needs to be added when going out. According to some surveys, 60% of women still do not know that indoors also need sun protection. In this season, the concept of indoor sun protection has been highlighted with great fanfare, and it has become a controversial but the most popular sun protection trend. In addition to the UVA that can penetrate the glass into the room, the harmful light sources that damage the skin, such as fluorescent lamps and computer screens, are also listed as indoor sun protection targets. Studies have shown that the harm of indoor light source exposure for two months is equivalent to one hour of outdoor exposure at noon on the hot sun. Many brands have also introduced more subdivided sunscreens for different needs of outdoor and indoor environments. Whether it is marketing gimmicks or a new upgrade of sun protection concept, it is undeniable that from outdoor sun protection to indoor sun protection, there is no doubt that people with different lifestyles and living environments have more personalized choices.

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