Reel cutting process

Usually, stickers are printed on a special web label printer. However, due to the unique structure of multiple small offset presses, we used a variety of small offset presses to print stickers and achieved good results. Our experience is summarized below for your reference.

1. Do not print directly on roll paper. Some small printing presses did not have a die cutting machine. Cutting paper by hand, the knife edge was not smooth enough, and the size was not well controlled. Basically, there was no certain rule, which could easily result in the failure of normal paper feeding. In addition, the roll of self-adhesive paper has a certain degree of curl after it is cut, and it cannot be flattened. The automatic sheet-fed offset printing press cannot feed and print normally.

2. When using adhesives, please note the following points:

(1) Freshly cut adhesive paper, it is best to dry for a while, dry the glue at the incision, and then print on the machine.

(2) When cutting paper with a paper cutter, it is best to cut the paper to make it more regular.

(3) After the paper is cut, the adhesive in the adhesive paper sandwich will be squeezed out and stuck to the edge of the paper. The spilled glue must be removed. Otherwise, double sheets may easily appear during printing, and even the paper cannot be fed properly. , thus affecting overprinting.

(4) If you are in a hurry to print, you can use talcum powder to spread over the cut-outs of the self-adhesive paper to dry out the glue.

(5) If using adhesive paper, if the paper does not reach the front gauge, it is necessary to lower the paper feeding roller and extend the paper feeding time of the paper feeding roller so that the paper can reach the front gauge to achieve normal paper feeding printing.

(6) After printing for a period of time, it is necessary to wipe off the glue under the side pull tabs, fangs, and pressure paper board, clean it with alcohol, and continue printing.

(7) Since the self-adhesive paper itself is a two-layer paper, and the interlayer contains a layer of glue, it is heavier than the paper with the same number of grams. When printing thick sticker paper, it is necessary to increase the gap between the platen and the impression cylinder to ensure that the paper is fed normally.

In addition, a variety of self-adhesive paper, a copper plate stickers, glass card stickers and plastic film stickers and so on. When printing different stickers, different amounts of water and ink are required, and special attention must be paid to maintaining ink-water balance during operation.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are Very decorative and also functional Day & Night fabrics consist of transparent and darkening strips. Overlapping two layers of fabric and moving them in relation to each other gives a wide range of possibilities to regulate the degree of insolation or darkening a room. Besides depending on a colour it may protect household members' privacy after dark.  

Characteristics of Fabrics:

impregnated fabric resistant to dust.

adjustment of the incoming light
Common features of all the traditional blinds in one window
smooth and convenient chain adjustment
unique strengths decorative

Zebra Blinds

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