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Poor eating habits are the leading cause of obesity. The following points are the most common habits of modern people living in the urban jungle. If you change these habits, your weight loss career will take a big step.

Habit 1: Do not eat breakfast
Omission of breakfast can cause serious damage to the stomach, make people unable to work energetically, and easily accelerate aging. Not eating breakfast can make people feel weak, easy to use the way to eat more, and unconsciously gain weight. And not eating breakfast also greatly increased the amount of lunch at noon.

Habit 2: Dinner is too rich
In the evening, the blood insulin level is the peak of the day. Insulin can convert blood sugar into fat and condense on the blood vessel wall. Dinner is too rich, and over time, people become obese. At the same time, a long-lasting sumptuous dinner will also destroy the normal body clock of the human body and easily cause insomnia.

Habit 3: Drinking coffee
Excessive coffee intake can easily cause heart disease. Coffee contains a high concentration of caffeine, which can alter heart function and increase cholesterol in blood vessels. Drinking coffee will also reduce work efficiency. Reduce the moisture of the intestinal digestive, easy to form constipation affects weight loss.

Habit 4: Insulation Cup Tea
Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline, tea oil and a variety of vitamins. It is more suitable to brew with water of about 80 °C. If you use a thermos cup to soak the tea in high temperature water for a long time, it is like boiling with a slight fire. The same, it will destroy the vitamins in the tea, so that the tea sesame oil volatilizes, citrate, theophylline oozes a lot, harmful substances increase, affecting the ability to digest and lead to weight gain.

Habit 5: Fruit as a staple food
Many office workers rarely consume staple foods for weight loss purposes, often replacing them with fruits, and experts caution that fruits cannot be staple foods. Because the fruit contains a variety of vitamins and sugar, but lacks the protein and some trace elements needed by the human body, the imbalance of nutrition can easily lead to the accumulation of fat.

Habit 6: Eating too fast
Many office family lunches are eaten in a very rush. The food is not fully chewed, which is not conducive to the initial digestion of oral food and salivary amylase, which increases the burden on the stomach. The chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excited, and it is easy to become obese due to appetite.

Habit 7: Insufficient drinking water
In the work of the office, due to the high concentration of work, it is easy to forget to drink water, resulting in insufficient water supply in the body. Concentration of blood and thickening of the blood, easily lead to thrombosis, induce cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, but also affect the function of kidney metabolism, affecting the metabolism naturally thin.

Habit 8: Box lunch is a stealth killer
Boxed rice is too greasy, tastes heavy, and chemical seasonings may be added, which often become invisible obesity factors. In the case where you can't avoid eating lunch, try to reduce fried or high-calorie foods, and choose vegetables or cooked foods as a side dish.

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