Beverage bottle recycling machine stationed in Chaoyang District

Put in the drink bottle, you can spit money. Recently, automatic sorting and recycling machines have been stationed in some districts in Chaoyang District.

In the four districts such as SOHO Modern City Apartment, several drinks packaging automatic sorting and recovery machines provided by the China Environment Protection Foundation are the first to enter. “There are more than a dozen communities in which to apply for a machine to go home now,” said Ms. Chen of the China Environmental Protection Foundation. Due to its innovative design, recycling machines are popular among residents. They have selected several communities as pilot sites.

A few days ago, the reporter followed the foundation's staff to SOHO Modern City Apartments and other communities to check the use of recycling machines.

From the situation reflected by the property department, the reporter learned that the recycling machine has played a very good environmental protection effect. In the past, children who threw bottles of drinks will take the initiative to “feed” the recycling machine.

According to Ms. Chen, the cost of the recycling machine reached 25,000 yuan. All 7 machines invested in advance were donated by enterprises. Businesses that are enthusiastic about environmental protection can actively participate in donations and allow more residents to experience high-tech environmental protection results.

Automatic bar code recognition system: The barcode of more than a thousand kinds of beverage bottles was input into the system, but some foreign cans and some bottles of off-site beverages could not be identified.

Put on the mouth: Up to 2.5 liters, drink bottles as small as 330 ml can be put in the mouth.

Effer 口: According to the current waste purchase price, the resident will dispense RMB 0.1 per two plastic beverage bottles. The staff will adjust the recycling machine pricing system based on the market price.

Maintenance: On average, every two days, there will be someone to check the use of the recycling machine in various communities, and the collected waste containers will be sent to the garbage collection station designated by the environmental protection department. The proceeds will continue to be used for environmental protection.

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