Eat hot pot in winter need to guard against beer bottle burst bottle

The weather is getting cold, hot pot and beer have become the first choice for friends and family gatherings. This newspaper reminds readers to place your beer bottle carefully.

Bottle date is not "starting date"

In the "GB4544 Beer Bottle" mandatory standard promulgated and implemented by the State in 1997, there is such a proposal that the recycling period of beer bottles is 2 years. Some consumers have questioned whether the bottle-blasting accident that occurred from time to time will not be the result of beer bottle “overage service”?

Wu Jianhua, secretary-general of the Brewing Professional Association, pointed out that the date at the bottom of the beer bottle is the date of production of the glass bottle rather than the start date of recycling. Due to the characteristics of large-scale production of beer production, there is currently a sharp increase in the price of raw materials, so many companies have to stock large quantities of beer bottles at a time to reduce costs.

Something happened at the bomb blast
According to the statistics of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, from January to September of this year, there were 68 beer bottle bombing accidents in this city and 4 explosions. Most of the accidents were caused by improper storage and opening after purchase by consumers. The bumps and positions in the transportation process are not suitable for the "flaming line" of the beer bottle "self-exploding". Using a bite, using chopsticks, etc. may also lead to accidental explosion of the beer bottle. In fact, there are few accidents due to the quality of beer bottles.

Brand bottle can be assured
In addition, this set of standards developed 10 years ago is aimed at the entire country. The quality of beer bottles produced in Shanghai can now stand up to the test and its life expectancy is much higher than 2 years. First of all, the Shanghai beer industry has a high degree of brand concentration. 90% of the beer consumed annually is produced by Suntory, Qingdao, and Asia-Pacific (including Heineken, Tiger, and Libo). The beer of these manufacturers uses their own brand of self-owned bottles and recycled glass. There is no mixing of bottles. In addition, the ratio of the beer bottle used by the company (ie, the ratio of the internal solvent of the glass bottle to its own weight) is higher than the national standard.

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